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kick(in the)balls

i just wnated the world to know that the homegorwn kickball game which was played mere moments ago may go down in history as yet another saturday night victory. however, those of us who were there know otherwise. the friday night team, through a hard-fought defensive match, were victorious. a recount is currently under way. i am gathering all evidence, and, in the end, we will plant our flag of victory in the hearts and minds of those who value the truth.
oh,and have fun at the rest of this wonderful homegrown weekend. and be safe.


2 to 1 Friday. heh

more like 3 to 2. friday.

humm perhaps this will be the year that Friday played well, but no one can agree what the hell the score should have been.

But, it was fun, which was the importaint part.

Sould have more refs and a limitation on how many players on the field, man Saturday was like a blanket in the outfield

i can't hear anymore. thank you the keepaways. sincerely.

oh. and also, when i said "wnated", i meant "wanted", so back off. i've been drinking for a week.

3-2 friday...

spring training paid off for us this time.


well, in the end, all the evidence i could round up suggests that we are all "winners". perhaps more of a special olympics approach is actually warranted, given the level of brain injury over the weekend.

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