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Comment Spam Attacks!

Hello and good morning.

PDD has been under attack with a higher than usual amount of Spam comments. In response I have turned up the junk threshold in our comment settings. If your comment does not appear it has most likely been funneled into the junk comment section. In order to avoid this I suggest not putting any HTML in your comments.

Barrett may be making some changes to the comment process soon but there is no perfect solution so bear with us.

thank you.


I've noticed that several real comments (without html) have been tossed into the junk comments folder.
Maybe we need another solution?

I had this same issue for TrampledByTurtles.com on their message board. I ended up putting a javascript pop-up check that makes the user type in a couple letters, confirms that they are right, then allows them to post. It seems to have worked for me. Let me know if you want any help.



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The problem with the little letter verification things, is that they're not accessible for people who use text-readers (eg. the blind).

I don't know how well this works (and I don't know how hard it is to code), but I've seen self-authorizing scripts that ask the user to perform a specific function on a short text list. This text list can be read by text readers and usually confuses auto-posters. It looks something like this:

"Here is your posting authorization code:


Please transpose the code so that every odd number becomes an F and every letter after M becomes a 2."

The self-authorizing code would be: 2Fb42

I've seen simple ones that people who read the site can easily answer, such as "What state is Duluth in?". That's enough to trip up most spammers.

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