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It's a Brand New Hat!

Out of the Hat 7, June 9 & 10, is looking for writers, directors, and a whole lotta actors. Yes, you can be a part of the first production in the new Renegade facility (right next door to Carmody in case you needed more persuading). Contact Brian Matuszak if you are interested.

For those uninitiated to the ways of the hat, the writers get their prompts the night before the show, they have until the following morning to write a short (10 minute) work. The following morning the directors draw scripts from the hat. The plays are casted out of the hat. They have the morning and afternoon to get the work on its feet. It goes up that night. I think of it as the triathalon of sketch comedy.

The best thing is that it is only a one day commitment, though you have to be fully committed for that day. So, if you got the theatre bug, but don't have 6 weeks to devote to a full stage production, this is a pretty good fix.


If you like the whole Out of the Hat concept, but wish someone would capture the experience on film, check out the 48 Hour Film Contest.

There's a 48 Hour Film Q & A tonight at Pizza Luce from 6:30 to 8:30. Ira Livingstone is organizing the contest in Minneapolis, but he's hoping to get some people from Duluth involved. (If there's enough interest here, we could have our own 48 hour film contest next year.)

Unfortunately, this year's contest is the exact same weekend as Out of the Hat.

Their website is 48hourfilm.com.

my vote is to enter the digital age and try the 48hour film festival. . .besides isn't there an out of the hat every three minutes?

I think the 48 Hour Film Festival sounds like a great event! This is what is perfect about our Duluth Days. The myriad of artistic projects around here and people to create 'em and enjoy 'em.

FYI Who(WhatWhere)Cares, we do two Hats a year. More than that would probably kill us.....

ironic1. . you are just a little mean.

Hmmm... I guess I could say the same of you, OMalley. I was irked and a bit hurt by your Who(WhatWhere)Cares comment. Once because it totally dismisses the project I was promoting and twice because you chose to do it under a pseudonym. But I don't believe two wrongs make a right and I'm sorry if I hurt you in return.

Just to clarify, I really do think the 48 Hour Film Festival sounds like a great thing and I hope that someone takes it up around here. I'd love to get involved in a project like that. And, as flip as I was (and I am sorry for my flipness), it really is true that travelling down to the cities for a weekend is not a real possibility for some of us. I hope we can establish more arts opportunities right here. I hope that I will have to make lots of hard decisions as to what theatre or film project to do over a weekend all the time!

gosh. . .I thought Internet and blogging, in particular, was a place where one can be anonymous, satirical and a smart ass without being "outed"?
I guess I'm sorry if I offended you but it really wasn't personal, it was in good fun--but now I just kinda think your being a jerk.

I didn't take it personally, but I do think it was a jerky thing to do on your part. And, no, there is no guarantee of anonymity. That's why we leave our e-mail addresses.

So we are both jerks. I'm willing to call it even. I'm not really interested in being upset at you.

Ann Marie, our last several posts have been a variation on "I'm sorry, but you were a jerk," so I'm going to try something different...

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, too!

I am sorry. Me. I am.

I AM SORRY!!!!!!

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