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I'm getting married and I need your help

So I am getting married September 9, 2006 at Amnicon Falls outside of Superior. We have booked the St. Croix Inn in Solon Springs for the reception and guests. I want Dr. Thunder aka Erik to do our invites. That's about as far as we got. I am from Duluth/Superior but live in Chicago now and feel a bit out of touch. I need suggestions on bands, dj's, flowers, someone non religious to do the ceremony, etc. I am realizing it's about 5 months away! AAIIIGGHHHH! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!



Ol' Yeller played at my sisters wedding last October in St. Paul and it was ...dare I say ... totally awesome!

folks of all ages are still talking about it ... i'm no where near married and my family is still saying .. are you having Ol' Yeller play at your wedding ...

um ring first people ..

anyhooo CONGRATS!

The Right Reverend LumpyG has performed several marriages and is far from religious. He is one of them there internet reverends. PLUS, He has a cool robe!

If you want LumpyG's info send me an email.

For my recent wedding we put together favorite songs and crowd pleaers, borrowed some PA, threw up some lights and automated the whole thing. Easy to do lo-fi with burned CD's or even with a lap top or MP3 player. Gives you good music and is a lot cheaper than hiring a DJ. Congrats on the wedding.

DJs killed live music.

Don't hire a dj. If you want a couple Michael Jackson songs, bad early 90's songs, some actually good 80s songs just bring the CDs.

If you want music.

Hire a band.

One word of advice on the low-budget DIY wedding: regardless of how many family and friends are good or even great photographers, hire a professional or at least designate one family member or friend as your official photographer. my wife and i got married at Henry Ford's old summer home up in the U.P. and it was a beautiful September day, right on the lake and we basically spent the whole reception posing for photographs by well meaning friends and relatives who wanted to make sure we had enough photos because we didn't have an "official" photographer. save yourself the headache and at least talk someone into taking your pictures, set up a photo schedule, stick to it and let everyone know that anything else will be candids.

Lumpy's a good guy. I'll hold on to my title as the Left Reverend Lawrence Lee and wish you luck.


My husband and I got married in Sept at Mesaba Coop Park near Hibbing. We also had Ol' Yeller play and Lumpy G did the ceremony. Everything was great and from what I hear all had a good time. If you are flexible on your venue, I can highly recommend using this park. There is a huge pavillion with a full kitchen, and upstairs there is a large ballroom type place. There is ample camping, showers, a sauna, several cabins and a yurt. Plus it is on a private lake (boats to use, too). We got all of the above for $300.00. And it was beautiful. They have a website with contact info if you are interested....

wedding bands are the worst. I wish I knew more about the duluth/superior scene, but I don't. several years ago I went to a wedding where the muldoons played as did the bride and groom and many of their friends. good times.

good luck!

I had The Gaels at my wedding.
Mmmmm, sexy Irish boys...

Generally, I hate weddings, but that all changed when I went to a Jewish wedding.

That wedding was undeniably, incredibly fun. All the vows and shit were impressive. And the dancing was really, really fun. It helped that lots of money was poured into it and that the food and drinks were awesome. But that wasn't entirely what made it great.

The thing was, although lots of planning obviously went into it, it seemed really casual and fun for the guests, and so everyone had a tremendously good time. So many Christian weddings are either horrendously boring or else filled with anxiety.

That said, I've always wanted Father Hennepin to play at my wedding, but oh, well. Ho hum. Apparently, they broke up.

I officiated a wedding that was based on Jewish traditions and it was fantastic. I got to drink wine out of the glass that the groom then smashed. That was the best part, for me, even though it was white wine.

Yes indeed The Gaels are cool.I used to enjoy them at the northwoods folk collective coffee house before they moved.We had uncle Barbie do our wedding
ceremony in Lincoln Park last september.

just wanted to say a small piece. Live music is great, but not all djs suck

Thanks for all the great tips. Can someone point me in the direction of contacting Lumpy G? I knew him years ago, before the big Chicago move. I spent a great 4th of July with him spinning records on Random Radio. Ah, Random Radio.

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