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i think it may be a perfect Duluth day…


I think you're right.

that's what i thought when i stumbled out of the house this morning!

We need one!

About 10 minutes after I posted the above my toilet overflowed, spilled sewage all over the bathroom floor, and leaked into my downstairs bedroom. Yep. It's a perfect Duluth day.

Yeah, especially if your handle is "ironic"...

I had a little sump pump problem that flooded the basement yesterday, but I think Ironic's situation was a little shittier. (Ahem. Literally.)

I'm not sure I'd go so far as to call today a PDD. Call me conservative, but I think so far it's been a PDGDD.

But we all know that the individual must take responsibility for his or her own PDDs. All I need to do is put off work and start riding my bike around aimlessly to immediately improve the quality of the day.

I want to practice riding no-handed until I'm good enough to drink from a growler while cruising the Munger Trail. That would be perfect.

I imagine one's ability to ride no-handed might be somewhat retarded by the bottom of the growler. Maybe you need a growler's-worth in one of those camel-back things and skip the no-hands.

Personally, I think it would be MBDD if I wasn't at work. I may have to come up with an illness and go home...

aside for the eight hours spent indoors earning my paycheck, it IS a PDD...

Just got back from taking Hazel on her first Lakewalk Expototion/picnic (she ate, not us...she got hungry halfway thru the trip)...a stop by the brewhouse for a pint and back home before it started sprinkling again...

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