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I Frappd my pants in Duluth

After Paul Lundgren's cool post about the Puglisi Gun Emporium, I decided to try my hand at creating some type of map where people could point out all the cool/crazy things in the area. I created one on Frappr, but it got stuck in some crazy sort of limbo where I couldn't do anything with it. I had pretty much forgotten about it, until Enealio outted my work. Ooops - had totally forgotten about it. After an email to Frappr support, the PDD Frappr map was removed from it's state of limbo, and restored to a proper state.
So, really the whole point of this long story, is that there is a map out there where you can post stuff. If you want to play, create a Frappr account, and join the PDD group. Add your location, and/or the locations of cool places.
In other news, while searching for an image to put in this post, I found Vicarious's post way back from 2004 (and then I stole the picture). Hey - how are you liking Duluth?

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