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How to Mow Smugly

GS_18in_815_18.jpgI bought, assembled, and used the mower to the right yesterday. Yep, it's a pushie. I can now mow the grass with the fervor of an environmental zealot, knowing that not only am I saving myself from the scurlious stares of lawn conscious neighbors, but every time I use it I am a poster boy for conscientious environmentalism. I am neither consuming fossil fuels nor am I contributing to global warming. And isn't half the fun of being green that self-important feeling of being greener-than-thou?

You can read more about it on ironic1.com, my new blog.


I got me one of these with a mower attachment. When I use this, I wouldn't call my neighbors stares, "scurlious".

All kidding aside, that looks cool and fun. How big of lawn do you have? How do you sharpen the blades?

Lawns are a scandalous example of our yard-by-yard environmental rape of this land. How can you sleep at night having purchased this vicious death-machine? Do the right thing and allow your lawn to resume its natural prairie state.

Barrett is greener-than-thou!

Xeno, my yard is very small, which makes it quite practical. I can't give you the exact measurements because I'm really bad about estimating those things, but it probably didn't take me more than a half hour to mow it all.

I'm a guy who loves to mow his yard for some sick reason. When I was in high school, I had my own mowing business that made me a tidy sum working the lawns at a lakeside community near the small town where I grew up. At one point, I had three whole blocks of houses I mowed for. I'd start at one end, and mow straight down the block...

This summer however, i'm in need of a mower for my yard. i'd love to have a pushie, but i have a 25X75 yard, with some pretty significant slopey action going on.

I plan on planting up some grasses and vegetation that don't require me to mow the slopes sometime this summer but...

Right now, I borrow my friend Nathaniel's Yard King Self Propelled Mower...it's nifty.

My neighbor kindly asked me if I wanted to borrow his lawnmower. I thought about it for a second and realized that meant, "mow your lawn punk"

Now I am yardscaping to reduce lawn. Anyone know of wildflowers in minnesota that can't be cut. I need a good excuse!

I have one of those push mowers that I use when I can, but I'm not real good at mowing regularly, so my grass gets pretty long and chokes it. So I also have a gas mower that does the heavy work when I get behind.

Anybody know where / how to get the push mowers sharpened?

Pretty sure Daughertys (sp?) sharpens them, or Denny's Ace up in upper Woodland, probably Ace downtown as well.

This year I've started planting clover with the hope it will take over eventually and cut the mowing down significantly, we have a 50x220 lot and a rechargeable mower, the thing needs new batteries as it is about 6 years old, so I'm hoping that clover populates before the battery situation gets too bad.

We've got a pretty big yard here, too big for a push mower really, but I've used push mowers and one of those electric mowers in the past and liked them. Quieter, less messy (in terms of gas smell), and they worked just as well on smaller lawns.

My neighbors give me looks like I'm an idiot when I use my pushmower, which is pretty funny considering they're the most "out of shape" (code for "fat as a house") people on the block.

Oh yeah and someone else just got a push mower across the street so I think we're winning.

i agree that the neighbors pity you more than anything when you have one of those (we have two, and no motorized nothing). ours are always offering their snowblowers in the winter when we're out there doing it by hand. (happily, in shirtsleeves, while they are covered with frost.) they think we're nuts.

we have a fairly large lawn, but we still use the pushie. i think it's a great workout, frankly. and we let chunks of our lawn grow, since we have such interesting wildflowers. the yard is very old, so we get "wild" spring beauties, lilies of the valley, forget-me-nots, evening primrose... and then daisies, goldenrod, tansy, pussy-toes, creeping charlie, sweet rocket... anything that comes up and has something to it, we let it grow... i'm amazed at the diversity of life in our yard since we've started to pay some attention.

i get pretty sanctimonious about all the motorized ones. since i spend a lot of time at home now, i get to hear every time the neighbors all around us fire one up. i am astounded at how much they really disturb the neighborhood. i have fantasies about making them all agree to do it on one day a week, at certain times to get it all together. (when i'm queen!)

also, the thing about a pushie is that you can mow in your bare feet without being afraid of maiming yourself, you can mow at night and not piss anyone off.

most people mow the crap out of their lawns and they're brown by mid-June. we're the hippie lawn... green all year.

i mean, green the part of the year it can be green. duh.

also, regarding sharpening... this is kinda important if you commit to these things. those ones you get at the hardware store kinda suck (i have one) compared to the Scott's brand you get at Real Goods. these come with a sharpening kit so you can do it yourself. (very easy.) and they have adjustable height.

mevdev, i think the best and most immediate way of dealing with a meddling neighbor is to do something to your border--a fence, shrubbery, something where the edge is clearly defined by mulch. i think much of their irritation is because they're getting cooties by having their fertilized/pesticided green touching your wild unkempt freedom. it makes them uncomfortable, like the time they had to sit next to the nerd on the bus to middle school.

if you have dandelions, it ain't prairie. but with some care, you can really get something like a meadow that your neighbors won't object to.

Still, don't frolic too much with no footwear and a pushie mower... my Grandma Jones lost part of a digit due to a pushie when she was just a little kid...

Granted, she lost part of her middle finger (something about an upset brother and Grandma laying in the grass...) but a middle finger is just as big around as, say, a little toe... just an FYI...

I have 3/4 of an acre of lawn. That might be a bit too much for motorless push mower. I'm already getting strange looks from my neighbors for not using a riding lawn mower.

BTW, anyone want a John Deere riding lawn mower for cheap? Inherited this rider from the previous owner of my house and I hate using it.

if by 'cheap' you mean 'free,' i'm interested.

actually, i have no clue where i'd stash the thing.

i may want that rider.

Marshall Hardware sharpens push mowers. Push mowers suck. I tried to use one for awhile and it drove me to drink.

are you kiddin' C-freak? i walked by yer new house the other day, and if you use a rider on that hill you'll kill yourself.

i need the damn beer can holder ok??? plus i can drive it over to your house!

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