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HG8 | Carmody Irish Pub | If Thousands.

homegrown is 8

Here is a short video from Homegrown 8 last night at Carmody Irish Pub. I was able to film If Thousands and then the battery pretty much gave out so no Tangiers 57 footage. Below are a couple of still shots though. Man I stayed up way to late for a Tuesday but the Thunderstorm was worth it.

I used to be in a band with this guy.

Now that's what I call an organ!


Man, I'm so excited about Homegrown this year. It feels really different and new and fresh. And while nothing could ever be as fantastic as the beauty that was Homegrown 3 (which was my personal fave), I have a feeling that this year's Homegrown is gonna be something special.

Wednesday night is Soup Town Night. Soup Town is good enough on its own, but Soup Town + Ryan Van Slooten solo in a coffeehouse? Wow.

very nice, starfire.

What a beautiful night. The light from the thunderstorm just illuminated the whole sky because of all of the fog.

When I came home after the show my dog met me at the door and then followed me back into bed. Isis is such a scardy dog.

It is too bad that most of the bands that are playing homegrown don't really get that many gigs.

Perhaps there can be an open system where bands can vie for gigs and still get paid.

What is the mentality that music has to be free?

Let original music be played!

I'm not so sure that an open system is a good idea and, in fact, it's just sounds downright lazy.

Sure, there are quite a few bands that don't get chances to play, but what about those who actually get off their asses, put up posters, and bust their backs to set up shows? Believe me, those bands are out there, and to discount their efforts by proposing an open system by which bands are chosen to play does a disservice to them.

I also don't think there's a mentality that music has to be free, it's just that with any art you have to first prove yourself worthy before people are willing to pay for it.

How many writers first writing jobs were for money? Painters? Photographers?

At least in a town this small, there's little chance you're going to get paid for your art unless you get your name out there, namely by working for free.

I thought maybe there would be a chance to marry places that want music to musicians. Not that it would be a completely communist music idea.

It is plain and simple that if you want to make money playing in a band you need to learn covers. Mustang sally. Oh man, people die over that crap. CRAP.

It is true that the good bands get good by busting their asses, doing good marketing, and playing a lot.

Well, I doubt a painter would ever give a paintings to complete strangers for free. Oh sure, maybe to friends, but something finely crafted has a value.

I've spent countless hours calling places to get gigs, writing music, practicing a band, printing out posters, getting in the local publications. I think it was worth it, but maybe there were venues that I didn't call, or that denied me first off.

I just want to hear more local music played. Of all of the radio stations in the area one plays local music 1% of the time. The current in the cities rocks and that builds communities.

So, people can support more local musicians or we can hear the black labels and low for the next 100 years. (of which I like both, but c'mon)

You know, nothing is more off-putting than a musician who cries and whines because no one will pay to watch him jack off on stage.

We have to put up with this shit on this site about once every other month. I'm sick of it. Yeah, all music fans are retards. We aren't sophisticated enough for you. Because you're such a tremendous "artist." Oh, so misunderstood, Oh, so unappreciated. Please.

There's a word for people who feel that no one appreciates them and the world needs to pay them wads of money: Loser.

Mevdev, do us all a favor and pipe down.

oi! er...flame off please..cant we all get along? I know mevdev and he's a good hearted soul and re:getting paid to jack off on stage..isn't that why we have bone apetit?

Thank god someone brought this awful conversation to something sane and beautiful: Bone Appetit!



(and I'll see you agyayan....my lovely frayayand...)

Hotrod's sister sold me a beer last night. Even that was almost too much rock to handle.

alison ... i'd jack off for you for free if ya wants ..

hey, starfire. nice editing on that video. it certainly helps that christian's head makes a fine movie screen.

i look like a madman. what's going on with my eyes? do i always look that intense and freaky? please... no replies to those questions.

all my insecurities aside, great job, Starfire! we've always had very little in the way of videotaped performances. very, very nice. excellent sound quality, too. THANKS!

well, ignoring alison.

My original thoughts were something like this.

I want a party. I need a band. I want them to be punk. The alrights, DTs the keepaways would never know about this, if I posted this on the web, they might.


I'm a business, I need socializing music for my lobby. Paul Ierino? Randy Lee? Words to a film score? Baby Grant?


I have a wedding. I don't want a dj. I like to get down. Flamsheram?


I have a business. I want some folk music. Teague? Glenda? Luoma?

Seriously. It is not about ego. It is about local music.

Tangier 57
For all your live local music needs.

(Look for our signs on the backs of buses very soon)

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