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Here she is...

We brought the babe home late this morning after her first 36 hours...she's as beautiful as ever, and I'm posting pics to prove it. (Well, I'm a bit biased in a way cus I'm her daddy, but don't ALL daddies think their baby girls are the most beautiful?)

The three of us are doing well, albeit a tad tired (we'd better get used to that soon), and glad to be back home after the three days in uncomfortable hospital beds and foldey-outey chair-bed things that hardly could be construed as sleeping arrangements...

To conserve space on the main page, I'll post these pics in the extended entry section...







Congratulations sweethearts. I especially love the first picture.

It's a baby. I hope you guys are very happy and continue to be so

I agree with Ca-chee about that first pic. There's something about it that's special.

What's her name?

You look like a very tired, but very happy family. Congratulations!

Her name's Hazel Mae...Hazel after my grandmother, and Mae is the middle name given to the first born daughter in Tamara's family...

Hazel. She's so cute right now. Hazel.

Contratulations and happy homecoming. She really is so beautiful.

Lovely family. Congratulations.

Congrats!! She's a beaut!

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