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Duluth-ish people sing some songs that Bob Dylan wrote. Hopefully with great...


KUMD Live Show
TODAY at Weber Hall - UMD campus.
FREE and open to the public
(parking in the big lots is even free, I think)

The line-up:

2:00 Paul Larsen
2:15 Hobo Nephews
2:30 Jerree Small
2:45 BGBG
3:00 Bill Flanagan
3:15 Jamie Ness & Wet Dog
3:30 Sterling Waters
3:45 The Very People
4:00 Rich Matson
4:15 No Wait Wait
4:30 Jim Hall
4:45 Hattie P. & Black Frames

Hosted by John Ziegler


Ack! Sounds great. I wish I knew about this about 4 hours ago.

Your pic made me want to see the Subterannean Homesick Blues again, so I did.

You can also listen to it online if you are stuck at work, like me...Click here.

sounding good

Bob Dylan was spotted at Great Harvest Bread today. Was he at the concert?

By the way, I just found out who that is in the background.

My favorite cue card is "Get Born."

I *don't* like that cue card.

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