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Duluth CycleOps

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In the past some of you may have heard before about CycleOps, the brilliant community bike program which began in 2004 at Harbor City International School. The program was the brainchild of Jorgan Frank and Ian Buck. After the birth of the idea there was months of research, planning, and bickering, which resulted in a CycleOps symposium class in 2005. This finally got the ball rolling. They renovated 18 bikes that they pulled from the dump, painted them a minty green color, and began their plans to release them upon the city, doing their best to overcome the challenges of liability, winter storage, and city approval.

There has been a slouch in activity during this senior year of the fellows in charge, but this 2006 spring symposium things are moving again. They are planning to hand off management to HCIS student Karl Wagner, so the program can continue to move towards reality in the future. These next three weeks will be spent rejuvenating yet more bikes, renewing contacts, and working on issues such as bike safety and bike racks. Currently, the plan is for the bikes to be available at the Greenman festival. There is also a tentative plan for a small “test run” during symposium. So sometime in the near future, when your downtown and you need to get somewhere the bus doesn’t run, but it is too far to walk, there may be be a solution. Hop on a green bike, ride it where you like, and when you’re done return it to one of the designated bike racks.
(See drop spot map above)
All current drop-spots are existing bike racks, CycleOps would like to strategically place a few more racks.

For more information email [email protected]


Lurker StV from Portland, OR here... my hat is off to the organizers! Very cool.

Community bikes were such a swell idea here that some friends and I (under the guise of the Portland Cacophony Society) extended the concept to art... The Yellow Art Program! Take some art home to enjoy, and when you're done with it, leave it out on the street for someone else to take home. We did several dozen pieces and distributed them around local art galleries on First Thursday (the monthly gallery opening night here).

Here's a site with some pics:

The Yellow Art Project

Luv PDD, BTW... I want to do another pilgrimage to Duluth again soon... this summer or next.


Hey,,Jorgan, what are you doing on line during the school day! You mean I didn't block this obviously highly innappropriate web site yet?? Dont you know that the future of our economy RELIES on consumers driving, alone, in their SUVs two blocks to get lunch and two blocks back to the office...Jinkies! Haliburton and I would have succeeded if it wasn't for you "pedaling" kids..now do a reflection, get back to class and hug a tree for me

I wonder if there will be a glut of bikes sitting in front of the bars. ;)

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