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Doum tek ka tek ka?

doumbek.JPGI really want to start playing the doumbek drum.
Does anyone out there know of any local place to get one (used/cheap extremely prefered), or if anyone provides lessons in the area?
Either post a comment here, or email me (my email is on my bio page).


Seems like I've seen drums like that at Great Northern Music downtown. But they're probably new.
The Unitarian Church in Woodland has a drumming night once a month - I think it's the first Friday. You could probably hook up with someone there to learn or buy.

Cat...I'd suggest checking out Remo Kids drums.

I have a doumbek that I got from the Fetus...it's a great drum, high quality, all weather and practically indestructible. Pretty inexpensive, too.

Best of all, it's got a great sound to it.

There was a guy who sold hand-made drums in beaner's central a few years back. I'd ask around there.

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