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kind of a dorky question I guess, but I thought I'd ask out of curiosity sake as I'm learning about CSS right now. Can you add in-line CSS to a MT post without mucking up the works? I know I have used tables in a past post or two, but as CSS is pretty new (to me) I don't want to completely bollox things up... perhaps others might like to know as well


I think that might work, depending on what you want to do. Give it a try and you can always just delete your post if it throws everything out of whack.

What? My CSS isn't good enough for ya?

super, I'll give it a roll sometime soonish.

Sometimes at work I have large amounts of downtime so i decided to actually do something productive... CSS is the first such thing.

Oh, and your CSS? I would say it is much better than what i could pull off nowadays, so it rawks

CSS is way cooler and easier than that silly HTML! :P

There's some really great and easy CSS help sites out there - I use Webmonkey quite frequently

I have yet to use CSS on the Moveable Type template, but on a couple of other websites I hang out on, I my CSS code because *sometimes* it will override the webpage's existing code, depending upon what I'm asking the code to do.

When using CSS within another's template, the KISS principle applies.

As a side note, whomever came up with the HTML color names was either drunk or had a great sense of humor.. I mean:
or my personal favorite:

Makes me laugh!

Whoops - I meant to say that I have to be careful with my CSS code because sometimes it will override... and so on and so forth.

Try tweaking the gyroscopic override relay. If that doesn't work, unhinge the outboard magnifier and turn the non-active silicon emulsifier 2.37 times counter-clockwise. That should work.

CSS + DHTML = webpages with layers.

just remember to cascade those wacky fonts

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