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The Fire


i got 86'd outta there for 1 month once.

Du-luth ... Du-luth ... Du-luth really is on fire ...

Now where will people go to see Wild Side and Hairball? I predict that everyone who used to go to Charlie's will now go to R.T. Quinlan's, and the dominant odor will flip from cigarette smoke to Aquanet.

Any suspicion of arson? I hoid there was major pressure on folks to sell their lots over there.

Just askin'.

The candidate is always looking for a conspiracy!

Oh, snap!

I figured someone would say that. Actually, it comes from overhearing two old timers talking about how everyone on the block had been asked to sell out. They were implying that this fire deliberate or not benefits someone with a longstanding interest in controlling the block.

Does the FD know what started it?

And yes I am always looking for a conspiracy.

But it was hearing these two old goats titillate each other with talk of heavy handed development pressure in the area that makes it a reasonable question to ask.

The owners of Joyce Carlson's Kitchen (next door to Charlie's) have been trying to sell their building for a while and haven't been successful yet, to my knowledge.

If someone wanted to control the block, you'd think buying available property might be step one.

I guess Charlies was fully insured as well although these geezers mentioned Joyce Carlson's Kitchen and how the price would likely go down as a result of the fire.

Moving on...

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