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Beezball has been beddy beddy good to me...


The Duluth Huskies' home opener is next weekend against Rochester.

I like a good ballgame. I like a good chilidog. I don't like Barry Bonds cheating his way into a world record...THAT'S not baseball, that's highway robbery...but I digress.

Tamara and I are going to the opener. If you like a good ballgame, you should too.
It's cheap and a heckuva lot of fun.

Be there. Sat. June 3...Wade Stadium (you all know where THAT is, right?)...first pitch is at 7:05.


I have to work, too bad, my wife and I really enjoy a good ballgame. We never seem to make it to as many as we would like. I'm sure we'll see you there sometime this summer.

That $25 deal (get in, and all the beer and concession food you can consume until the eighth inning) makes me jealous.

Oh yeah, and a baseball game ...

Bonds isn't anywhere close to the world home run record, neither is Aaron for that matter.

I may have to see if the 'wif' wants to go to this one. I was not aware that this Barry Bonds character played for the Huskies, but I guess every team needs a ringer.

I like the idea of $25 for all the beer, concessions, and andro-synth steroids you need to establish a league record, though...

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