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Art Nesting Dolls

I have a fondness for Russian matryoshka nesting dolls (I have a cat set on my desk right now that I got from my grandmother). They're charming when they're traditional, but I love new interpretations.
The Wurst Gallery in Portland has an exhibition of nesting dolls. They handed each artist a blank set to decorate; here are the results.


totally awesome.

I also collect these dolls -I bought my first set when I was in Berlin not long after the wall fell at a flea market - it still has the original Russian "stamp" on the bottom of it.

I tend towards collecting the traditional dolls... but these are great - I love the one with hair and the tiny stormtrooper!

Wow, those are really neat. I like the Carson Ellis ones, the stories behind the characters were cool.

I have a set that feature Yakov "What a Country!" Smirnoff. Very kitschy, but funny.

The Higgleytown Heroes are also nesting dolls.

You can get traditional dolls on my site. We've worked hard to get the best in the world :-)

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