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Any harmony is inadvertant.


The LSCC has two rules:

1) Once you start, there's no stopping.
2) Cacophony forever.

After the cacophony, Mr. Starfire and I will play local music for your beer-drinking soundtrack.


Lord have mercy on all y'all who actually happen to hear us this year round... although it did get better last night.

Bad is the new good.

Sincerity is the new irony.

lame is the new cool.

Old is the new new?

Dogs and cats, living together!

But finished is the same finished, it was ... ok. I laughed, i cried I fell down. Ok, 1 out of 3 is ... well horrible but better than zero.

Happy birthday Starfire, sorry had to leave so soon, gotta get to Grand Rapids tomorrow in something like a sober state, then back to Duluth in the evening for more music goodness.

Man, it was a capacity crowd, and a very appreciative one at that. This may have been the 3rd or 4th best performance the choir has ever done.

I'm playing Haley Bonar right now. God bless wi-fi.

God, there is so much Bone Appetit in the house right now. Corkdog says "I am gay."

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