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May 31, 2006

You Can't Get That In Duluth


I was handed a copy of Ol' Yeller's newest album hot off the presses last night.

It is sweeet. Unfortunately, it's unavailable in D-town until Rich Mattson brings some up for consignment. (Nyah, nyah, na-nyah, nyah.) That may be Green Man at the earliest.

Or you can pester him via the Interweb.

Also, Ol' Yeller plays Carmody's: Saturday, August 5th * 10pm * Free!

flick you!

Is there going to be another Flickr walk soonish? I missed the last one, and June is getting busy, but I'd like to participate if at all possible.

May 30, 2006

The next time I have to come in here...

principal vernon.jpg

...I'm cracking skulls!


I've just learned that I apparently haven't tweaked the TypeKey comment authentication to work with all systems. Some people are experiencing difficulty. Please have patience while I sort this out.

May 29, 2006

Perfect Duluth Night.

Spring Storm 2006pdd.jpg What a night. Larger verson a www.moeview.com

May 27, 2006

The Banal Patriot

I saw this chair at a local store and had to rant about it to someone, lucky you. I won't post my full rant here, but crap like this reduces patriotism to product. It's obscene. When patriotism is something that you buy and sell, something you wear, sit on, or get your burger in, it robs the power of the symbol. It no longer means anything other than brand identification. And when all it means is brand identification, all one has to do to be a patriot is to purchase the right things.

Greetings from Bulgaria


May 26, 2006

Members Only


Beginning immediately, PDD is taking extreme measures to keep the riff-raff (meaning spammers) out of the comments. This means an extra step for those who would wish to comment.

From now on, all commenters must register with TypeKey, an authentication service provided by Movable Type. Registration is quick and easy, and only needs to be done once. Once registered, commenters will simply sign in before commenting.

A sad day.

I heard a rumor and drove by the Norshor to confirm it....

The lower marquee now says "Live Girls". Anyone have some info?

And a Drunk Time Was Had By All


Thanks to Don for welcoming last night's PDD tour of the Lake Superior Brewing Company.

All anyone who wasn't there needs to know is that Old Man Winter Warmer, a barleywine which registers a 10.3 on the alcohol scale, has been renamed -- unofficially. It's now called Die in Your Sleep.

May 25, 2006

K and S sitting in a tree....

Okay, now I've seen it all...well not really, theres a few more things on my list but this website is RIGHT UP THERE! I mean ...I knew about Sulu and Dr. Mcoy but...well, dont ask, dont beam up right??!! Thank God this website is "All Ages".

squicky, icky and cool (gross)

Here is a WaPo article about Duluth Doctor Johannes Aas. I am both repulsed and impressed by this news. Incidently Dr. Aas seems to be pretty active in Duluth, finally, here is a picture of the fellow.

Oh, just shut the hell up!

I write this culinary review (more a "tidbit" or "recount," really) to vent a sense of boundless frustration at the people who were sitting adjacent to us last night at a charming eatery between here and Two Harbors. Though not to be considered "an open-letter to the old bats who’d clearly rather be eating at Perkins," my wholly insignificant grouse is against – and at – them, and no one else.

Additionally, though enthusiastic about the location and its atmosphere, I've chosen to withhold the establisment's name... but I think you're all clever enough to figure it out.

Also... it's lengthy. 830 words, give or take.

On the evening of May 24, 2006, I once again had the distinct pleasure of dining at some pretty swish digs just up the North Shore. As it was the previous time, the seating was perfect, the wait-staff could not have done their jobs better, and the food was gorgeously prepared and fantastic eating, as well. In short, my experience was, as evidenced by eyes moving across these words, worth writing about.

However, sitting near enough was a couple who’s behavior I could only qualify as "boorish." And "rude." And "obnoxious." And (let me consult my thesaurus), "uncouth." Now, I’ll grant that they may not been aware that the volume of they're conversation carried quite well to all other occupied tables. Having said that, I was still shocked and aghast when one of them would slyly comment on the food and drink coming to our table – some of my favorites: "I hope that's not the kind of salad they think they're going to bring me."; “I can't imagine someone eating something like that."; "I wonder if that girl knows that the orange on the side of the glass [of Blue Moon] is for decoration or what her problem is."

Then, the poor server was hit with questions and declarations that were making me embarrassed and outraged by proxy and proximity. "Does the cook [sic] use MSG?"; "Can you tell the cook [sic] that he shouldn't use so much salt?"; "I can’t understand what type of place this is that they don’t have a chicken sandwich?"; "If you're going to put so much garlic in the bread, you shouldn't even bother bringing it out."; "Well then what do you expect me to order, then?"; and a handful of other gems.

With the nonsense of the "There's-nothing-that-I-can-eat-on-the-menu" matter substantially settled, the two diners took time to really air their respective grievances about their experience, so far, in the safety of no one (except for everyone) being able hearing them. These consisted of: "I don't know what type of person would be able to enjoy theirself [sic] here?" (to answer that: me); "It would be nice if they had real food on the menu. You know, food that people want to eat."; "For that much money, we shouldn't have to pay for our wine."; and a few other shiny nuggets from the streambed.

It was also added that if those two were to have visited next week, they would have been able to take her Jaguar. Hoo. Ray.

So, with their sense terror totally piqued by the sheer, and oft remarked, oddness of my salad (which was excellent, by the way), their apprehension was forced to the light as their food was served. Instead of even a small measure of placative graciousness, I hear, "Well, where's our salads? They got ones, where’s ours?" Ubi bene, indeed.

Unable to imagine what the server must be thinking, I readied for what opinions were to be held about the meal prepared for them. I was not let down: "It's like eating a bowl of salt."; "We could at Perkins for a month for what we're wasting here."; "Oh, there's so much garlic in here I think they're trying to kill me."; "I can’t eat what I don't recognize and I only recognize salt and garlic;" "I like Perkins chicken sandwiches and at least they're edible."; and, my favorite, "I can't believe I’m missing American Idol for this."

Coup de grace?

Bien sur.

"Well, this is two nights we’ve thrown our money away. Tonight here and last night at the casino. At least we had a good time at the casino."

Finally, at the end, with one in the restroom and the other left behind, the server brought out a small plate of complimentary snacks… or cookies… or whatever you'd prefer to refer to them as. The server added, "These are compliments of the chef." When the other one returned and was filled about with the mysterious cookie plate before her, her response was, "'Compliments of the chef.' What a joke. I hope you’re not going to leave a tip?"

Then, with some due flourish, they left.

One of the women at another adjacent table leaned over to me and asked, "Did that just happen? Were they for real?" Yes. Yes they were.

I am writing about this because the absurdity is all too much to hang on to without thinking it might have been a weird dream.

I am writing about this because my dining experience was completely satisfactory. In fact, it kind of kicked ass. Beginning to end.

I am writing this because I want it well and goodly established that the two loons who took it to the streets one night shall not go without rebuke.

Finally, I am writing so my gratitude and appreciation toward the entire staff is known to those who know me and don't know me, as well. (By the way, to those who don't know me, my name is Jon… hello)

friendly WARNING.

I miss the old Co-op.

Now I know what ALL THOSE CAMERAS are for.

May 24, 2006

Don't Panic!

Don't forget to bring your towel!
Towel Day website
Towel Day wiki
So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Just Like A Woman

I'm not sure what to make of this very strange Bob Dylan story.

Open For Business


At last, candy and hip-hop CDs are together in one store. The Hip Hop Candy Shop is open for business at 105 W. Fourth St.


Duluth-ish people sing some songs that Bob Dylan wrote. Hopefully with great...


KUMD Live Show
TODAY at Weber Hall - UMD campus.
FREE and open to the public
(parking in the big lots is even free, I think)

The line-up:

2:00 Paul Larsen
2:15 Hobo Nephews
2:30 Jerree Small
2:45 BGBG
3:00 Bill Flanagan
3:15 Jamie Ness & Wet Dog
3:30 Sterling Waters
3:45 The Very People
4:00 Rich Matson
4:15 No Wait Wait
4:30 Jim Hall
4:45 Hattie P. & Black Frames

Hosted by John Ziegler

Duluth CycleOps

Map jpg copy.jpg
In the past some of you may have heard before about CycleOps, the brilliant community bike program which began in 2004 at Harbor City International School. The program was the brainchild of Jorgan Frank and Ian Buck. After the birth of the idea there was months of research, planning, and bickering, which resulted in a CycleOps symposium class in 2005. This finally got the ball rolling. They renovated 18 bikes that they pulled from the dump, painted them a minty green color, and began their plans to release them upon the city, doing their best to overcome the challenges of liability, winter storage, and city approval.

There has been a slouch in activity during this senior year of the fellows in charge, but this 2006 spring symposium things are moving again. They are planning to hand off management to HCIS student Karl Wagner, so the program can continue to move towards reality in the future. These next three weeks will be spent rejuvenating yet more bikes, renewing contacts, and working on issues such as bike safety and bike racks. Currently, the plan is for the bikes to be available at the Greenman festival. There is also a tentative plan for a small “test run” during symposium. So sometime in the near future, when your downtown and you need to get somewhere the bus doesn’t run, but it is too far to walk, there may be be a solution. Hop on a green bike, ride it where you like, and when you’re done return it to one of the designated bike racks.
(See drop spot map above)
All current drop-spots are existing bike racks, CycleOps would like to strategically place a few more racks.

For more information email [email protected]

And you can tell everybody....

This picture has nothing to do with this entry...
Toodling around the web whilst I wait for Hazel to wake up from her nap, I found this website. What's your #1 hit?

Mine was "The Best of My Love" by the Emotions on the US chart and "Float On" by The Floaters on the UK chart. (August 26, 1977) I tried to look up Hazel's, but it said her information was unavailiable. Poor kid.

Beezball has been beddy beddy good to me...


The Duluth Huskies' home opener is next weekend against Rochester.

I like a good ballgame. I like a good chilidog. I don't like Barry Bonds cheating his way into a world record...THAT'S not baseball, that's highway robbery...but I digress.

Tamara and I are going to the opener. If you like a good ballgame, you should too.
It's cheap and a heckuva lot of fun.

Be there. Sat. June 3...Wade Stadium (you all know where THAT is, right?)...first pitch is at 7:05.

May 23, 2006

Lake Superior Brewing

I would like to invite everyone to come and check out the The Lake Superior Brewing Co. this Thusday night from
6:00 to 8:00 pm. I will show you around the brewery and drink beer with you. We are located at 2620 west Superior St,. in the building behind the subway. If you can, send me an email at [email protected] so I know how many people tp expect. If you don't get around to sending an email but show up anyway, it's not a problem.

See you all on Thursday,
Don Brewington

The Remains


So, do tell about the last time you were at Charlie's Club. Or the first time. Or the best time. Or the worst time. Or any time.

The Fire

I Frappd my pants in Duluth

After Paul Lundgren's cool post about the Puglisi Gun Emporium, I decided to try my hand at creating some type of map where people could point out all the cool/crazy things in the area. I created one on Frappr, but it got stuck in some crazy sort of limbo where I couldn't do anything with it. I had pretty much forgotten about it, until Enealio outted my work. Ooops - had totally forgotten about it. After an email to Frappr support, the PDD Frappr map was removed from it's state of limbo, and restored to a proper state.
So, really the whole point of this long story, is that there is a map out there where you can post stuff. If you want to play, create a Frappr account, and join the PDD group. Add your location, and/or the locations of cool places.
In other news, while searching for an image to put in this post, I found Vicarious's post way back from 2004 (and then I stole the picture). Hey - how are you liking Duluth?

May 22, 2006

Oh Behave!


An invitation for you and yours...

fondue.gif | | 5 comments, last by tamara
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Barrett's post re: swimming gets me to thinking...and asking! For all PDDers who use St. Andrew's OR KNOW ANY ONE WHO DOES as a beach entry point...please encourage LEAVE NO TRACE...I've gone in here for years...and am glad to often see many of Duluth's rock-a-rati (most notably the Livingston clan) there enjoying the sun...but it's also become a haven for the leave the PBR or preimie in the sand crowd...so please dont be the butt end of the curse of st. andrew and keep the beach clean..oh yeah and this goes FOR THE REST OF THE LAKE TOO!...thanks ...BTW PDD beach party there some time...what say?


This morning as I was coming home from work, the calm, placid lake looked really inviting. However I know better.

I think the earliest I ever dove into Lake Superior was in late March. That was back in 1992, and I think I spent about 90 seconds in the water before scampering back to the beach fire. Actually, it felt really good. But I was young and kind of crazy.

What's the earliest you've ever gone swimming in the big lake? (That whole "polar bear" nonsense doesn't count.) How'd you like it? When do you usually first take the plunge?

May 21, 2006

How to Mow Smugly

GS_18in_815_18.jpgI bought, assembled, and used the mower to the right yesterday. Yep, it's a pushie. I can now mow the grass with the fervor of an environmental zealot, knowing that not only am I saving myself from the scurlious stares of lawn conscious neighbors, but every time I use it I am a poster boy for conscientious environmentalism. I am neither consuming fossil fuels nor am I contributing to global warming. And isn't half the fun of being green that self-important feeling of being greener-than-thou?
more about it on ironic1.com, my new blog.

May 19, 2006

one foot in the grave


i broke my damn foot at the homegrown kickball game. i kicked home plate. i'd been limping around on it for 2 weeks, so i finally went to the doc. now i'll be in a cast for 6 weeks. this is, i'm guessing, the first broken bone in the homegrown match's glorious history, and, probably, in the history of kickball everywhere, ever. badge of honor. if anyone wants to drop by my apartment with some dvd boxed sets and vicodin...i'll be on the couch. for a month.


Just wanted to say a quick thanks to those who ventured down to Beaners this evening.
Merci Beaucoup

May 18, 2006

Art Nesting Dolls

I have a fondness for Russian matryoshka nesting dolls (I have a cat set on my desk right now that I got from my grandmother). They're charming when they're traditional, but I love new interpretations.
The Wurst Gallery in Portland has an exhibition of nesting dolls. They handed each artist a blank set to decorate; here are the results.

i have this friend who ...

I have this friend who has an important job interview tomorrow and was wondering if any PDD'ers could share their words of wisdom. Now with this comment thing a bit on the mend, I may not get any comments, no bigs, but if I could, I'd love to share your dos and don'ts with her if you have some stories to share. What is the best question you've ever been asked? How 'bout the worst? The worst question for me would be ... why should we hire you? No matter what, I feel like I want to swallow my tongue every time I get asked that. Do you have any horror stories about how you totally F’ed something up or good stories about how you nailed the job of your dreams?

Comment Spam Attacks!

Hello and good morning.

PDD has been under attack with a higher than usual amount of Spam comments. In response I have turned up the junk threshold in our comment settings. If your comment does not appear it has most likely been funneled into the junk comment section. In order to avoid this I suggest not putting any HTML in your comments.

Barrett may be making some changes to the comment process soon but there is no perfect solution so bear with us.

thank you.

May 17, 2006

Doum tek ka tek ka?

doumbek.JPGI really want to start playing the doumbek drum.
Does anyone out there know of any local place to get one (used/cheap extremely prefered), or if anyone provides lessons in the area?
Either post a comment here, or email me (my email is on my bio page).

Second Annual Gonzo Science Paulding Light Expedition

This is a heads up that a few of your fellow bloggers are going camping in Paulding, Michigan this weekend, home of the mysterious "Paulding Light," which is either a ghost, a UFO, or an astounding optical anomaly. Anyway we had a blast there last year, capturing the phenomenon on video and everything. It's easy to see, it's hard to say what it is. If anyone's interested in joining us, you can google the directions yourself and meet us out there, or you can drive out with one of two caravans. Karl and Kim are leading the early wave; meet them in the Rose Garden parking lot on Friday at 3pm and tail them to Paulding. A second wave is being led out by me, Jill, The Candidate, and our ghostbuster Brianna on Saturday at 12:30pm, also from the Rose Garden lot. Bring: your car, your camping gear, food, beer and rain gear just in case.

Wall of Shame

At Palmer's in Minneapolis I saw the Wall of Shame:


It's a bunch of scraps of paper listing everyone who's 86'd and why. Some examples:
- Tall skinny ferret-faced crackhead is 86'd
- Elvis is 86'd. Says he's a Viet vet who is sic'ing the Hell's Angels on me! Also claims he used to be a bouncer here.
- Flava Flave is 86'd; short, fucked up, black. He ain't never seen a pussy.
- Fat white kid. Blond, glasses. 86'd.
- [illegible] is 86'd. Punching the bouncer five minutes before his shift starts is never a good idea.
- "Crackhead Christine," White woman, late 40's, lives on a farm in WI is 86'd for popping pills and doing drugs in restroom.
- Kilroy was here. Now he's 86'd.
- Lee; peg leg, AKA C3PO is 86'd for being creepy to men, women and retards.

Bleeding Heart Liberals.

Bleeding Heart 2.jpg

Bleeding Heart 1.jpg

May 16, 2006

Attention Duluthians

I just planted a few Frontenac grape vines that are hardy down to -35F. The Frontenac are a hybrid developed by the U of M and this particular farmer. It is disease resistance and will produce hella grapes. Grapes are easy to grow, don't need watering except for drought times, and produce edible morsels of fruit. I have a dream that the stepped backyards of Lincoln park could be filled with grape vines. If anyone is interested please contact these people, these prices are too good to be true.



We are about at the end of our shipping season. Orders have been filled.
As the result of a couple of late cancellations and some bins that turned
up at the back of our coolers we have some vines remaining. They are all
on sale! $4 apiece for vines up to 99. $3 apiece for orders of 100 or
more vines.

Still available for delivery this Spring:

Frontenac - 720 vines
Frontenac Gris - 120 vines
Sabrevois - 120 vines
King of the North - 110 vines
Sipaska - 80 vines
Prairie Star - 840 vines
Louise - 45 vines
Bluebell - 370 vines

First come - first serve. Please call for current availability. We will
hold telephone orders for 3 days only. Our coolers will be shut down
shortly so these will be "shipped" orders only - no pickup.

Happy Summer!
Barb, John and Donovan

Great River Vineyard/Nursery
35680 Hwy. 61 Blvd.
Lake City, MN 55041
website: www.greatrivervineyard.com

May 15, 2006

sleepless in duluth

well not yet really ...

ok ma'dear PDD'ers .. my heart has always been in Duluth and hopefully my bills will be going there soon too.
anyhow, I am moving to Duluth in the next few months and am in desperate need of an ideal living situation for me, my BF and our two golden retrievers. i am hoping someone reading this might know a friend of a friend of a friend that might be able to help. finding pet friendly rentals in Duluth is harder than finding a cell phone signal in Two Harbors. [sorry best metaphor i could come up with tonight]. so here is my S.O.S. - if you know of any place for rent please email me at [email protected] or you can just say hello too.

If this blog post doesn't apply to you, then let's just chat about something else. Where is the best place to walk a dog in Duluth? Anyone interested in getting an off leash park started? [or is that too 'twincites']
And lastly , here's a little eye candy, ma'boy harvey!


They came, they saw, they drank.

Like marauding vikings, Maria and Zoe descended upon Washburn looking for love. And booze.
Instead, they found Freedom. And pills. And oh yeah, some booze, too.

(Actually, they were just pill bottles. No pills. I don't know why there are empty prescription pill bottles all over the streets of Washburn. But there are. That's just how Washburn rolls.)

Could it have been a Perfect Washburn Day? Perhaps.

i think it may be a perfect Duluth day…

May 14, 2006

Make my grandma dance sucka

Hey... I was told that this might be the place to find what I am looking for. I have noticed a few wedding tip posts lately and I thought that maybe somebody could help me. I am in desperate need of a dj. I don't feel right giving the last of my saved wedding money to some putz in a bowtie whose favorite keep the party going song is "I knew the Bride when she use to rock n roll". I do, however, need someone to keep grandma away from the liquor and on the dancefloor. The date is June 23 probably 6-10 pm. at Bennetts on the Lake. I can possibly come up with the equipment but I would prefer someone with the stuff/knows how to work it. I would pay the right person $400 for the night- music will be done by 10 as is Bennetts policy. So please come and party with my family- take my money- and get done in time to take said money and impress everybody at the Red Star by dropping the big bills. If you are interested please leave a response or contact me at [email protected]

Photoshow announcement 5/18/06


Beaners, Thursday 5/18/06. 6pm
Love to see you there

Artist statemt for those who care about such things

Go See A Midsummer Night's Dream

Today at 2pm is your last chance! It's hands down the best entertainment bargain this weekend at only $5.

I went to see A Midsummer Night's Dream last night at Harbor City High with my parents and my kids and all of us were immensely entertained. Sure, I was worried about bringing my 8 year old to a Shakespearean play, but by scene two he was bouncing up and down in his seat and roaring with laughter. What he didn't get in the language was more than made up for by the acting. And at a total running time of an hour and forty five minutes, it was just about the right length.

Now, this is a high school production and the acting is uneven, but overall I was very, very impressed. Also, this may be the only A Midsummer Night's Dream production in the history of the play that prominently features bellydancing.

Anyway, if you are just waking up and wondering what you are going to do on this rainy Sunday, do this! You won't be disappointed.

Gore On SNL

Although I vote Republican. I think that this is one of the best skits I have seen on SNL in a long time. Too bad it comes from him. LoL


May 13, 2006

When you walk through the storm...

Keep your chin up high...
(photo: the FA)

Now... onto Germany.

May 12, 2006



With (solo) Vinny & the Barroom Standoff and J.J. "cowboy hat wearin" Lee from Portrait of a Drowned Man performing original country hits!

i was going to create a frapper map for pdd and it informs me that the name "perfect duluth day" is already taken for a frapper map.

who has it and why don't you have it activated?


Longest Kickball Report EVER


It started as a friendly, drunken game. No one really cared who the winners were because, deep down, all the players wanted to be losers.

But after years of finding themselves consistently on the low-scoring end of the Homegrown Kickball Classic, the Friday bands grew bitter. And after years of coming out on the winning end, the Saturday bands grew cocky.

A rivalry was born.

The 2006 contest was the most hotly contested and controversial of any that came before it. In the end, Saturday was ruled the winner for the seventh consecutive time, remaining undefeated.

(Photo hijacked from Peter Scholtes blog.)

2006 Homegrown Kickball Classic Summary
In the most hotly contested and controversial kickball game ever, Saturday bands prevailed in dramatic fashion. In the bottom of the ninth inning, with one out and runners on second and first, Mark Lindquist kicked a fly ball to right field that bounced off Frank Nichol’s chest. Before the ball could be recovered and relayed to Bryan Johnson at home plate, Mike Ferrin had slid in safely to score the game-winning run.

Saturday’s leadoff kicker, Eric Pollard, scored the first run of the game in the bottom of the first inning. After reaching base on a Friday error, Pollard was driven in by Tony Derrick, who also reached on an error.

The first controversy of the game -- and the bitterest -- occurred in the top of the third inning. Some guy, who scorekeepers think might be named Jesse, reached on an error and advanced when Jamie Ness singled. With two runners on and no out, Seth Gronli singled and attempted to advance to second.

Ness, meanwhile, was attempting to advance to third, but “Jesse” was occupying third, so Ness retreated to second. Meanwhile, a wild throw from the outfield went over second base and rolled toward first. Lindquist gave chase and recovered the ball as “Jesse” was heading home. As both men sprinted toward the plate, Lindquist attempted to hit “Jesse” with the ball, but his throw went wild and ended up in the woods.

Noticing the overthrow, Ness left second base and headed for third and eventually home. But umpire Rick Boo had already ruled him out for occupying second base at the same time as Gronli. The run was not recorded, Ness was ruled out, and play resumed, though the controversy remains (see below for further details).

Another argument erupted in the bottom of the fourth inning when the Friday team left the field after only two outs and, during the confusion, Gus Watkins raced home from third and scored. Umpire Rick Boo chose to give Friday a break and forced Watkins to return to third. The inning ended on the next play, and the game remained tied 1-1.

Getting runners on base was a challenge throughout the game for both teams because of the record numbers of players; Saturday had 35 and Friday had 25. Other than the inning they scored in, Friday bands failed to get a runner past second base. (Al Sparhawk reached second in the fifth inning; Bill Flannigan got there in the seventh.) Saturday stranded two runners in the first, second and fourth innings, but didn’t threaten again until the ninth.

An embarrassing footnote: Ferrin almost didn’t get on base to score the winning run in the first place. He reached on a fielding error when Sparhawk bobbled the ball at third. The play at first was a close one because Ferrin tripped over his own feet and fell on his face while running to first. Fortunately for Saturday, he got up in time to beat the throw and eventually break the tie.

At the end of the game, Friday still vehemently argued that Ness' run in the third inning should have counted and the game should be tied. They challenged Saturday to allow the run and keep playing, but Saturday was already celebrating its seventh straight victory.

The Controversy
There has been some raging debate in the Duluth music scene over whether Ness should have been ruled out or whether his run should have counted. According to the rulebook, the answer to both questions is: No.

When Ness and Gronli were on the same base at the same time, neither should have been automatically out. Ness was entitled to the base under the rules, and Gronli needed to be tagged out, which didn’t happen. But Ness still should not legally have been allowed to score. Here’s why:

Because Lindquist’s overthrow went out of play (into the woods), and Ness was on second base when the overthrow occurred, Ness should have been entitled to advance only one base.

But one could argue that there is no “out of play” for kickball at Chester Bowl, since those boundaries can’t be clearly defined. In that case, the ball was not dead and the Friday team was required by rule to vacate the space between Lindquist and the ball, instead of standing in his way. Which means Jamie was out, due to his team's interference.

But ultimately, both teams have to live by the rulings of Umpire Boo. His discretion is the final rulebook.

It should also be noted that, because the rules of ASA softball are supposed to be applied to kickball, not the rules of Major League Baseball, Gronli should have fouled out during his series of six consecutive foul kicks. If that had been the case, he never would have made the kick that scored Friday’s only run.

If this year’s game proved anything at all, it was that rock-’n’-rollers don’t like to live by the rules, unless it benefits them.

Most Valuable Player
Longtime kickball standout and Saturday team captain Mark Lindquist took MVP honors for the first time since the inaugural kickball game in 2000. He is now the second person to earn the honor twice; James Moors was MVP in 2003 and 2005.

Lindquist was not an obvious choice for the honor, and was reluctant to accept it. He did commit the throwing error on the play in which Friday scored its only run and nearly took the lead. But he was solid at shortstop in several key situations and wisely placed his ninth-inning kick to right field to prevent the lead runner from being forced out, which also allowed that runner to advance to third and ultimately score when the ball was dropped.

Eric Pollard, Chad Lyons, Tony Derrick, Jason Lee and several others played well for Saturday. Hats also go off to Marc Gartman, who sucked last year but was perfectly adequate this year.

Sparhawk, David Frankenfeld, Asian Jon and Hot Rod Heartthrob played well for Friday. Sparhawk made what was easily the best play of the game with an incredible diving catch at third base.

Least Valuable Player
Although he didn’t play that poorly, Jamie Ness was named LVP for his honesty. Early in the game, after Umpire Boo mistakenly called a Saturday runner out at second base, Ness admitted the ball never touched the runner, and the runner was allowed to stay on. Then, in the top of the ninth inning, Ness was mistakenly called safe at first base and admitted he was out, walking off the field.

“He was honest TWICE,” said scorekeeper Jason Cork. “There’s just no place for honesty in rock and roll, or in kickball. Ness is LVP.”

May 11, 2006


new way to waste time + opportunity to teach 9th grades about zeitgeist= google trender thingy...

  • time beats money
  • good beats evil
  • swiss beats gorgonzola
  • war beats peace
  • sex beats everything else

    • btw--look and see which language looked up sex the most

Fun With Weddings...

Here are some more websites to help save you money on the big day:

Make Sure You're Doing The Right Thing (be sure to click on the services link on that one...)

Skip The Stylist - DIY Hair Grooming

Marry Your Pet Instead

Make Sure You've Got Enough For The Reception (play the game at the bottom...)

Decorate The Wedding Vehicle



Man I love the internet and its giant shredding machine fims.

What would you shred if you had an industrial shredder?

May 10, 2006

Homegrown Recap in City Pages.


Peter S. Scholtes of City Pages has a short recap of Homegrown 8. His top ten blurry highlights can be read here.


kind of a dorky question I guess, but I thought I'd ask out of curiosity sake as I'm learning about CSS right now. Can you add in-line CSS to a MT post without mucking up the works? I know I have used tables in a past post or two, but as CSS is pretty new (to me) I don't want to completely bollox things up... perhaps others might like to know as well

What better way to say "I love you"

Awhile back someone posted about wedding ideas. I would like to recommend these wedding cake recipes/instructions from Hostess.


It appears that one can easily construct a wedding cake out of Twinkies.

Here's my personal favorite.

It's a fitting symbol if you think about it. A Twinkie probably lasts even longer than a diamond.

May 09, 2006

Hook Me Up, Home Skillet

I love these guys.

Shred Some 'Nar (snow) This Weekend


Compete or just come to catch some rays

May 08, 2006

So ... anybody do anything fun this weekend?

This may have been the most fun I've ever had at Homegrown.


+ Sudden Death puking at Carmody's ... on Thursday ... at 3pm ... after having about two ounces of stout ... within 10 minutes of arriving in Duluth.

+ Jamie Ness and Wet Dog. Nice to hear again.

+ Bone Appetit's show at R.T.'s -- seriously the best time I've had at a show. HotRod crowd surfed off stage, drink in hand, the stamp on my arm sweated off, everyone singing every line of every song. Far too good.

+ Shutting down the huge frat boy's "let's crush some people at a Black-eyed Snakes show" party. My shin muscles are still sore, but a) he was so drunk he never figured out why he wasn't able to affect the flow anymore and b) slightly fewer people were crushed for a couple of songs. We're all winners ...

+ Tab and Cabana Boy Coconut rum at the kickball game. Unfadeable. If I was 14 and wanted to get drunk, I know exactly what I'd be pining for.

+ Jamie Ness getting LVP for a) throwing a ball at a guy, hearing the umps call him out and then correcting us; b) getting a ball thrown at him, having the umps call him safe and then correcting us; c) being part of The Third Inning Asterisk Play -- he and Seth on second at the same time, with Jamie as lead runner -- he's out. Jamie then runs through to home for a score that shouldn't (and didn't) count. Both Jamie and Seth walking off the field as "outs" to end the inning. Err ... the two-for-one special? I think the main reason Saturday always wins is that Paul Lundgren is never drunk and he knows all the rules to baseball and can make reasonable arguments why Friday should get screwed, which Rick Boo and I always buy.

+ Leaving the Shaky Ray a smoking ruin to head to Centerfold's (to the J. Geils Band: "Na, na, na-na na na, we're all going to to Centerfold's ..."). Sorry, Mark ... but redecorating the dining room and singing "I Think I Love You" by the Partridge Family can get a little wild.

+ Watching HotRod drink reverse beer-bongs (out of the funnel, poured into the tube) and having Baby Grant Johnson come over to explain that he was doing them wrong. Classic.

+ Mr. Kickass -- the t-shirt. Also unfadeable. And they played "Boys Don't Cry."

+ Chanting "USA! USA! USA!" to Crew Jones -- inexplicably hillarious.

+ Punting the beer Jerree Small was carrying through Quinlan's out of her hand at like 2am on Saturday, and getting another poured down my shirt in return. Even I don't know why I did that, but at the time it sure seemed like a good plan. This is the second time I've ever met Jerree -- the first was last year when I made her bong a beer at the Shaky Ray. Someday, I may even hear what sort of music she plays.

+ Consistently mocking and talking ridiculous smack, but never being told to settle down. I kind of felt like one of Saddam Hussein's sons at points on Saturday.

Definitely worth the cost of airfare, $300 in bar tabs and the wicked Sunday morning hangover. Hot Rod claimed that this may have been "the roughest weekend in [his] life." That's saying a lot.

Thanks to all of the people who organized the festival. Good to see so many people. Apologies as necessary.

I'll give Duluth a few months to recover before I come back.

Tales of Future Past

Web Intro.jpgAmusing look into how people interpreted space travel in the future (I love the versions of the different alien species).
Tales of Future Past

May 07, 2006

Homegrown on Flickr

Chicken Bone George

Click here to see a slideshow of this year's Homegrown Music Festival.

And/or, add your photos to the slideshow by uploading them to your Flickr account and giving them a "Homegrown Music Festival 2006" tag.

See the photos in plain, non-slideshow form here.

Homegrown Duluth photos

The Flickr set of my Homegrown Photos is up here.

Conversely I use the tag "Homegrown Duluth 2006" if people want to tag theirs as such too there could be a nice big photoset

Happy Birthday Starfire



A Mars-Jupiter aspect on your birthday will endow you with huge amounts of energy and enthusiasm. There is little doubt that you will accomplish great things over the coming 12 months but for best results you must be clear in your mind what it is you want out of life and you must be committed to excellence in everything that you do. You must also be aware, at all times, what effect your actions have on other people.

Celebrity birthdays include Gabby Hayes, Gary Cooper, Johnny Unitas and Traci Lords

May 06, 2006

kick(in the)balls

i just wnated the world to know that the homegorwn kickball game which was played mere moments ago may go down in history as yet another saturday night victory. however, those of us who were there know otherwise. the friday night team, through a hard-fought defensive match, were victorious. a recount is currently under way. i am gathering all evidence, and, in the end, we will plant our flag of victory in the hearts and minds of those who value the truth.
oh,and have fun at the rest of this wonderful homegrown weekend. and be safe.

Drive Awaaaay!

Bone Appetit

I present to you in all of its unedited glory Bone Appetit.

Click the pic.

May 05, 2006

Scan Your Cash


A very entertaining video podcast, hosted by Deke McClelland, on how to scan cash. It has a good discussion of intellectual property, fair use, and counterfeiting.

Free Comic Book Day!


***** FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2006 IS SATURDAY, MAY 6th! *****
For the fifth consecutive year, comic shops worldwide are joining with publishers to promote the comic medium and stores everywhere by giving away FREE COMICS! This annual event gives you the perfect opportunity to sample the worlds of wonder available at your local comic book store. From super-heroes to slice-of-life to action/adventure and beyond, Free Comic Book Day has a comic book for everyone!

There is a vast array of great comic books this year - something for all tastes and ages! Visit the website to see a complete list of free books offered on May 6th.

That’s a great question with a very simple answer: you can find out who the participating comic shops are in your area! To find one, go to the the Free Comic Book Day locator.

In Duluth, you can go to Collector's Connection, or Robin Goodfellow.

Collector's Connection
1600 Miller Trunk Highway
Duluth, MN 55811
(218) 726-1360

Robin Goodfellow
23 North Lake Avenue
Duluth, MN 55802
(218) 279-3443

Doing a Shot at Homegrown.

doing a shot at homegrown

click the pic to watch.

May 04, 2006

Here she is...

We brought the babe home late this morning after her first 36 hours...she's as beautiful as ever, and I'm posting pics to prove it. (Well, I'm a bit biased in a way cus I'm her daddy, but don't ALL daddies think their baby girls are the most beautiful?)

The three of us are doing well, albeit a tad tired (we'd better get used to that soon), and glad to be back home after the three days in uncomfortable hospital beds and foldey-outey chair-bed things that hardly could be construed as sleeping arrangements...

To conserve space on the main page, I'll post these pics in the extended entry section...





Any harmony is inadvertant.


The LSCC has two rules:

1) Once you start, there's no stopping.
2) Cacophony forever.

After the cacophony, Mr. Starfire and I will play local music for your beer-drinking soundtrack.

Stephen Colbert has a HUGE pair!

If you haven't heard about Stephen Colbert's roast or haven't seen the video, you MUST check this out!
Stephen Colbert (Comedy Central) was invited to speak at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. Not only is it dead-on with his roasting of Bush, but it's hysterical!

"Everybody asks for personnel changes. So the White House has personnel changes. Then you write they're just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. First of all, that is a terrible metaphor. This ship is not sinking. This administration is soaring. If anything, they are rearranging the deck chairs on the Hindenburg."
How do I (and 43,539 other people as of 10:45 am 5/4/06) feel about it? Thank You!!!

Lunch Period Poli Sci

I thought David Brooks' recent op-ed piece in the New York Times should be posted here so people can take it too seriously and comment about how his remarks will contribute to the downfall of humanity.

Lunch Period Poli Sci
by David Brooks

College is still probably a good idea, but everything you need to know about America you can learn in high school. For example, if you want to understand American class structure you'd be misled if you read Marx, but you'd understand it perfectly if you look around a high school cafeteria.

The jocks sit here; the nerds sit there; the techies, drama types, skaters, kickers and gangstas sit there, there and there. What you see is not class in the 19th-century sense, but a wide array of lifestyle cliques, some richer, some poorer, but each regarding the others as vaguely pathetic and convinced of its moral superiority.

Similarly, when it comes to politics, high school explains most everything you need to know. In 1976, Tom Wolfe wrote an essay for Commentary in which he noted that our political affiliations are shaped subrationally. He went on to observe that especially when we are young and forming our identities, we make sense of our lives by running little morality plays in our heads in which the main characters are Myself, the hero, and My Adolescent Opposite, the enemy.

"Forever after," Wolfe writes, "the most momentous national and international events are stuffed into the same turf. The most colossal antagonists and movements become merely stand-ins for My Adolescent Self and My Adolescent Opposite.

If My Opposite, my natural enemy in adolescence, was the sort of person who seemed overly aggressive, brutish and in love with power, I identify him with the 'conservative' position. If My Opposite, my natural enemy in adolescence, seemed overly sensitive, soft, cerebral and incapable of action, I identify him with the 'liberal' position."

And so it goes. In every high school there are students who are culturally and intellectually superior but socially aggrieved. These high school culturati have wit and sophisticated musical tastes but find that all prestige goes to jocks, cheerleaders and preps who possess the emotional depth of a cocker spaniel. The nerds continue to believe that the self-reflective life is the only life worth living (despite all evidence to the contrary) while the cool, good-looking, vapid people look down upon them with easy disdain on those rare occasions they are compelled to acknowledge their existence.

These sarcastic cultural types may grow up to be rich movie producers, but they will remember their adolescent opposites and become liberals. They may grow up to be rich lawyers but will decorate their homes with interesting fabrics from the oppressed Peruvian peasantry to differentiate themselves from their jock opposites.

In adulthood, the former high school nerds will savor the sort of scandals that befall their formerly athletic and currently corporate adolescent enemies — the Duke lacrosse scandal, the Enron scandal, the various problems that have plagued the frat boy Bush. In the lifelong struggle for moral superiority, problems that bedevil your adolescent opposites send pleasure-inducing dopamine surging through your brain.

Similarly, in every high school there are jocks, cheerleaders and regular kids who vaguely sense that their natural enemies are the brooding poets who go off to become English majors. These prom kings and queens may leave their adolescent godhood and go off to work as underpaid sales reps despite their coldly gracious spouses and effortlessly slender kids, but they will still remember their adolescent opposites and become conservatives. They will experience surges of orgiastic triumphalism when Sean Hannity eviscerates the scuffed-shoed intellectuals who have as much personal courage as a French chipmunk in retreat.

Because these personal traits are so pervasive and constant, Republican administrations tend to be staffed by people who are well-balanced but dull, while Democratic administrations tend to be staffed by people who are interesting but neurotic. Because these rivalries are so permanent, nobody has ever voted for a presidential candidate they wouldn't have had lunch with in high school.

The only real shift between school and adult politics is that the jocks realize they need conservative intellectuals, who are geeks who have decided their fellow intellectuals should never be allowed to run anything and have learned to speak slowly so the jocks will understand them.

Meanwhile, the geeks have learned they need to find popular kids like F.D.R. to head their tickets because the American people will never send a former geek to the White House. (Bill Clinton was unique in that he was a member of every clique at once.)

The central message, though, is that we never escape our high school selves. Vote for Pedro.

May 03, 2006

Yes you Catan!


Bowling at 8pm -- Incline Station
Bryan "Lefty" Johnson's birthday
He will probably win every game, but it's still fun to play...

It's a Brand New Hat!

Out of the Hat 7, June 9 & 10, is looking for writers, directors, and a whole lotta actors. Yes, you can be a part of the first production in the new Renegade facility (right next door to Carmody in case you needed more persuading). Contact Brian Matuszak if you are interested.

For those uninitiated to the ways of the hat, the writers get their prompts the night before the show, they have until the following morning to write a short (10 minute) work. The following morning the directors draw scripts from the hat. The plays are casted out of the hat. They have the morning and afternoon to get the work on its feet. It goes up that night. I think of it as the triathalon of sketch comedy.

The best thing is that it is only a one day commitment, though you have to be fully committed for that day. So, if you got the theatre bug, but don't have 6 weeks to devote to a full stage production, this is a pretty good fix.

Homegrown, Baby!

Yeah, I didn't know what to file this under, as there's not an appropriate topic heading. Somehow Creepy Japanese Things doesn't fit...


While the Turtles and the Altos were playing last night at Sacred Heart, Tamara was in labor, and at a few minutes before ten last night, Hazel Mae was born...

Big beautiful eyes, head of dark hair, and a beautiful beautiful baby girl...

I took some pics, but we're still at the hospital...I'll post a few later on after we get home.

HG8 | Carmody Irish Pub | If Thousands.

homegrown is 8

Here is a short video from Homegrown 8 last night at Carmody Irish Pub. I was able to film If Thousands and then the battery pretty much gave out so no Tangiers 57 footage. Below are a couple of still shots though. Man I stayed up way to late for a Tuesday but the Thunderstorm was worth it.

I used to be in a band with this guy.

Now that's what I call an organ!

May 02, 2006

Dr. Sphincter

Dr. Sphincter
Hey! I uploaded Dr. Sphincter's, "Rest Stop Safari" to google video. This snippet tells the tale of Dr. Sphincter and his crew heading to northern Minnesota, to visit the strip mines near Hibbing. They give great narrative of their journey along the way. The trip took place back around 1990.

A quick history for the uninitiated. Dr. Sphincter (Rich Kronfeld), had an interview show on Cable Access down in the cities during the 80s. He and others did a show, "Ozone Radio", that aired on KTCA back in 1991. Rest Stop Safari appeared on Ozone Radio. Rich Kronfeld would later appear on "Lets Bowl" on Comedy Central beginning in 2000.

You should go view, NOW. These are 21 minutes of your life that you will never regret.

May 01, 2006

I'm getting married and I need your help

So I am getting married September 9, 2006 at Amnicon Falls outside of Superior. We have booked the St. Croix Inn in Solon Springs for the reception and guests. I want Dr. Thunder aka Erik to do our invites. That's about as far as we got. I am from Duluth/Superior but live in Chicago now and feel a bit out of touch. I need suggestions on bands, dj's, flowers, someone non religious to do the ceremony, etc. I am realizing it's about 5 months away! AAIIIGGHHHH! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Now We're Talking.


OK, finally a show I don't mind paying 28 bucks for. Wilco at the DECC, July 2nd. You can get an early shot at tickets here or just go down to the DECC on Saturday morning.

This is so sweet.

Geek Prom on Rocketboom


Check out Paul Lundgren and many other geeky PDDers on today's edition of Rocketboom. Just think -- now hundreds of thousands of people have seen you do that.

Homegrown, day six of eight


Also available in .pdf format. So print up a couple hundred and poster to your heart's content.

Tangiers 57 treat for you


heres a little olive for your monday martini
See PDD tomorrow night after 9pm @ carmodys w/ if thousands and 4321
..Sweaters a must!