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You think YOU like it cold...?


Thursday, April 6th, 2006 @ 6pm

Polar explorers Lonnie Dupre and Eric Larsen will be hosting a fundraiser shortly before they leave on their latest arctic expedition at Great Lakes Aquarium.

Dupre and Larsen are attempting to complete the first ever summer crossing of the Arctic Ocean. In late April, the two explorers will set off from Siberia and travel to the geographic North Pole, then continue to finish the expedition at the northernmost point of Greenland, Cape Morris Jessup. Dupre and Larsen will pull and paddle specially modified canoes across 1,240 miles of shifting sea ice and open ocean.

In addition to mastering the feat of crossing the Arctic Ocean, the One World Expedition’s mission is to contribute to uniting the world to protect this pristine environment and to better understand global climate change. Part of their journey will include taking documentary footage and collecting scientific data in support of current research on global climate change.

The fundraiser event will begin at 6pm with live music, social hour and a cash bar. Dupre and Larsen will give a presentation about the expedition at 7pm on the conditions of the Arctic Ocean and current global climate trends, with a question-answer session to follow. Much of the gear and tools used on this venture will be on display, including one-of-a kind modified sled canoes the two crafted. Guests will even be able to experience pulling one of these sleds! This will be one of the final and most significant fundraising events for this expedition. Dupre and Larsen need and appreciate the community’s support to help make it happen as their goal is to round out the expedition’s budget with this event.

The “One World – One Night” fundraising event is a unique opportunity to get to know these world-famous explorers and their motivations to risk everything in pursuit of science and adventure.

Tickets available at the door for only $20 for the general public; $15 for GLA members.

More info available at www.oneworldexpedition.com

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