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What? Again?!?


Seymour Hersh (an investigative reporter for The New Yorker) quotes a white house source as saying:
"This White House believes that the only way to solve the problem is to change the power structure in Iran, and that means war."

President Bush views Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a "potential Adolf Hitler," and sees "regime change" in Tehran as the ultimate goal.

Isn't this starting to sound a little redundant?

read the full story here:


The rest appears in the April 17th issue of The New Yorker, and has also been reported on


One word...Shitstorm.

As in:

If these triggerhappy assclowns actually go ahead with this plan, it'll unleash a shitstorm in the rest of the region.

And unlike Iraq, we KNOW Iran has nuclear capabilities!

Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is a jerk. On multiple occasions, he's declared the Holocaust is made-up and that Israel "must be wiped off the map".

But I don't believe there is any justification for war. Though there is recent scare of nuclear weapons, Iran as in history been all talk and no walk.

Besides, we have by no means exhausted all other avenues.

dubbya knows no other avenues. his middle name is shitstorm.
he wishes to hasten the great "end of the world" you've heard tell of.he's got a friend in geeziz.

Has anyone actually heard, or seen video, of the Iranian president claiming the holocaust was fake, or calling for the destruction of Israel? Or is this something that has just been "reported" in the Western media? Personally, I'm a doubter who needs proof. Don't believe what you're told...

i'm sure he's been planning it for quite a while now...probably as soon as Baghdad fell...

conspiracy theories abound, too...one having to do with building a pipeline through the region...

Who's next? Syria?

Obviously they want to build on the successes in Iraq, because THAT'S going so well.

Why not use the f%$&ing plan I started!!! Keep flying over teran and dropping ass loads of playboys and levis...eventually we'll culturally imperialize their towlehead...er..heads

well, Dumbya's gotta do something to boost those numbers (other than the obvious...). Fortunately, folks are getting tired of this war thing, and probably aren't gonna be too happy about this whole deal, unless it doen't make it to the Big News, but by then I fear it'll be too late. They'll just do it Cheney Style and wait 24 hrs to tell us.

Vicarious, your doubt has made me doubt so I did a quick invesitgation. Crusing around on Google Video, I didn't find one of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speeches but I did find a non-Western media backing up the denial of the Holocaust.

Click on the link and scroll ahead 15 minutes and 55 seconds.


Cool. Thanks for the link, Sandraker.

i just canNOT believe this. and i do believe they're going to go for it--the reason? when i was being yelled at by an army recruiter, he said, "you know who america's real enemy is? the president of Iran." i got a chill, figuring that if this peon in the army is spouting this propaganda, it's been filtered all the way down the chain of command. if the armed forces believe this shit, then we're doomed.

i'm suspicious of anything that comes out of this administration organizing fear & loathing on ANY level. it's only tactic & success is: BE AFRAID> BE VERY AFRAID. HATE YOUR ENEMY> HATE HIM WITH ALL YOUR CASH.

Here's a little insight in to where that cash goes... My father works for BF Goodrich Rosemount Aerospace, and has been working unreal overtime hours for the last ..oh, i don't know.. three years! They're ready to roll out some serious "unmanned" aircraft. He throws around nunbers like "40 billion dollar contract"... that's a lot of illions.

Of course, last time we seriously talked about what they were for, he was under the impression they were for Korea.

As you can imagine, it's not the best topic for him and I to discuss.

next he'll take manhattan, then he'll take berlin.

Aren't we advanced enough that we can so this another way?

Afganistan is doing well if Democracy means killing christians for nothing. I mean, I am not a religious guy but that is not cool.

I think this harks back to the point. Why democracy? When everyone says DEMOCRACY, they don't mean democracy like being republic, they mean the BILL OF RIGHTS.


That is what everyone thinks democracy is. However democracy means that if everyone wants to cut people's hands off for stealing, then that is FAIR democracy. If everyone in the nation wants to say the holocaust never happened, then it is their RIGHT to that. Of course that is WRONG, but as far as democracy is concerned it is right on target.

Education and civilized infrastructure is sure to kill these regions. Give them a few schools, Targets, Wall Marts, hardware stores, perhaps some clean water, means to get more clean water, and public transportation.


Perhaps we can all realize that democracy is not the bill of rights. Can someone second that for me?

well, i'll do what i can...
ah, i second that.
second that.

A haiku for our president.

Oh, our president.
Blowjob will solve everything.
Bring on the blowjob.

In light of the debacle in Iraq, the plans for a debacle in Iran, and the debased treatment of Katrina victims, I am called to post a comment by Barak Obama made during his recent speech in Minnesota:

"When President Bush said he didn't believe in Nation Building, we didn't understand that he only meant THIS nation."

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