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My Left Irish Foot.

Daniel Day-Lewis - Bild.jpg

Word on the street is Carmody's Irish Pub is opening on Saturday with a special guest. Daniel Day Lewis who is related to Eddie Gleason will be in the house. Anyone going?


I'm SO there!

Oh yeah - i'm going - it could be the first pub opening that's primarily women customers!

will he be throwing back guiness with his left foot?

(c'mon..somebody had to make the damn joke.)

sinaed o'conner & bono will be there too!

you can really see the resemblance between ed & daniel-day. uncanny!

I hear Jeb Bush will be there too, and Jesus' brother Jim, and I think Charlie Murphy (eddies brother).

I think there will also be at *least* 40 illegitimate children of Wilt Chamberlain.

You never know you could go end up having an illegitimate child from one of Wilt's illegitimate children. Go duluth sports!

Will he be the last Mohican standing at 2AM?

"So, you're in Duluth. Take off your clothes."

"So, you're in Duluth. Take off your clothes."

I guess the pub won't be opening today - it needs to get inspected before it can throw open the doors.
On a side note, Daniel Day Lewis, if you're looking for someplace to hang out tonight, my place is always open for you. ;)

The Unbearable Lightness of Not Being At Carmody's

Carmody's had a pre-opening party tonight (I found out about it after I was away from the computer).
The place fucking rawks!!!!! Daniel or no Daniel, I'm going back!

Next Sunday night, Jerree Small is playing there with Chris Pureka from the East Coast. Seeing the space and knowing the music, it PROMISES to be a great show.

wow! how many "pre-openings" are they gonna have? it must be a month long event.

They said they will be open this Thursday (pending word from the inspectors I'm sure).

All these pre-openings are making me cranky. Wish they'd get it together.

By the way, don't know if anyone has visited the other so-called Irish pub in town, but it's basically a Sports Garden with a bit of Irish music on the sound system. Total meat market for the post-UMD crowd.

Our evening's entertainment was watching some chick at the bar inch herself closer and closer to her boyfriend's crotch. She could have just gone for it in that place.

Carmody's intended to be open on Saturday night, but the inspector didn't show up on Friday. Since they had already booked music and had a reviewer from the Irish Gazette in town, I think they figured "wtf" and had a big party instead.
Yea, the Dublihn, HORRIBLY dissapointing! The woman from the Irish Gazette went there after Carmody's. I gave her a good warning, but I bet it would have been funny to see the look on her face.

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