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Homegrown Volunteer Fun!

Hey kids,

Homegrown is in need of a few folks to help out with a few tasks during the week of the festival.

For starters, Saturday morning around 10ish, we're distributing posters. Come down to Pizza Luce and pick up a few, and put 'em up in places where they need to go...

We're also looking for 10-20 folks to help out with some larger tasks during the festival itself. Particularly, we need a trusty person (in addition to the soundguy) at each venue to make sure things run smoothly, make sure bands show up, help them get in and out, up and down in a relatively timely fashion. Basically, we need venue managers. It could be worth your while...and if anyone is interested, please contact me at...zra_wei (at) yahoo d o t com.



I'd volunteer, but my employers as well as Hotrod Heartthrob would see to it that I did the worst job you could ever imagine.

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