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Help Wanted 2 bucks

I Found This.

I found this handmade flyer today while walking the dog. Ever since I discovered Found Magazine I have picked up more scraps of paper than I used to. Almost always they amount to nothing but every once in a while you strike gold.

This note is so sweet, I feel like applying for the job. I am submitting this to Found for sure.

p.s. Remember when Davey from Found came to town. That was the sweetest show ever.


Isn't racking leaves against the geneva convention?
You might appreciate my find from the other day.
Hints Game

i would need a lot more $ to rake leaves. because it could be the worst chore/job ever.

I'll play with the puppy for free.

I was reminded of the MAC found event over the weekend when Davey spoke on NPR. I think he may have a regular show; I don't listen enough to know for sure.

starfire, you still have that photo we gave you of the severed body?

of course.

the Davey/Found show was also the debut of sound sensation, Toxic Tuesday.

Give me my 2 dollars!!!!

Isn't it "I want my two dollars!" I'm just glad I found someone else who knows that BOD reference.

It looks like they used the flyer to accomplish job #1.

I'm sorry, but doesn't that say 'fuck leaves'? 'Cuz that's gonna cost ya.

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