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Garage Sale!


Ah spring.

I am having a garage sale tomorrow from 8am to whenever to clear out some of my stuff and my old tenants stuff. You should all come and say hi. I put out a ton of records some of which are pretty damn good. Lots of 70's and some 80's too. I also have a big fish hanging on my garage.

1217 E 5th St. (in the alley)

buy my fish...


Any creepy Japanese things?

I am there!

8am? You fuckers better be quiet.

Do I have to buy back any of my old stuff?

you can have your old filing cabinet for free....

I spose I should come and buy my Kayak?...

i need that fish!

Crap! I forgot to look for the big fish! Oh well - at least I got a Geek Prom shirt for a dolla.

Hope you didn't sell Capt. Dann's Flaco Jimenez cd. Don't mess wit Cappy!!

i seen the captain roundhouse kick hung in luce's unisex bathroom once.

but Hung took him down with a full Nelson

of course nelson was full. he is a well rounded boy.

I'd pay to see the Cap'n roundhouse kick anybody.

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