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Anyone know what was going on around 10pm at 7th Ave E. and 2nd St? There were at least 15 squad cars in front of the Apt. building at that intersection.



Reminds me of my old block in Helena...

No cause for alarm. It was just the grand opening of a new Krispy Kreme.

Speaking of which, have you seen the new Dunkin' Donuts commercial with the kickin' They Might Be Giants jingle? I'm having serious earworm issues with it. I also love that the commercial was done in one long shot. Very cool.

I still don't like Dunkin' Donuts though, but I'll give them points for effort.

Years ago, I used to live in that same building with Jim Hall, Trish Delude and Dustin Dilley. Something bad was always going on and all four of us eventually moved out because of it. There are about 40 units in that building and all the apts are super small. All I can say is when I lived there, there were a lot of drug deals and domestic disturbances going on. I used to sit by my window and watch crack deals go on across the street. Whatever it was, I'm sure it wasn't good. The place was/is a powder keg... at least during my short-lived stay.

isn't that the same bldg that Jen Jones lives/lived in?

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