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Creepy Baby Photos

Scary Baby!

In light of the recent posts of creepy things, I thought I'd share this oh-so-lovely Christmas photo of my niece. I find this photo quite creepy, especially since this is the photo that went out on my sister and husband's Christmas cards. Mutant Babies, unite! Oh, wait, does that make me ageist? Or baby-ist?


I don't know what else to say but -nice!-
excellent post tamara

oh yeah, pretty creepy too!

I'm not trying to be mean, but that is one freaky-ass neice!

fortunately for the world, Paige is MUCH cuter than that now...

In all fairness to my niece, I should point out that Paige was born six weeks early and she was just a month old at the time the photo was taken, so she was really tiny and scrawny and no regular newborn sized baby clothes fit her. She is much cuter now. :)

PS: It was all my sister's fault. lol...

(If anyone would like to see a very cute picture or two of Paige and in.dog.neato, check out my PDD Bio... :) )

i did,honey, there aint no pictures there but one movie starblazer.

oh, sorry, i didn't see the link at the bottem of the page. those ARE better pictures of the babe.
take care now.

How could this baby be ugly
it is so adorable!!!! i wish she was mine!!

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