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Chernobyl Remebered

Chernobyl nuclear disaster - 20 years ago today.
Chernobyl Disaster: Wikipedia entry
Kidd of Speed: motorcycle rides through Chernobyl area
National Geographic: Chernobyl, 20 Years After the Disaster
Nuclear Nightmares: photos of the effects of the Chernobyl accident
20 Years, 20 Lives: Eyewitness accounts in words and photographs


thanks for the new elena filatova link, mine had gone dead. her other stuff is pretty good too, the serpent wall of kiev etc.

The Kidd of Speed thing is mostly fake. She did not drive alone through the zone. She was on a guided tour, like all tourists to the zone.

chilling shit here.
aint even words for it.
like one giant bad cigar poisoned the whole party and then some . . .

pffft. whatever troll.

The Kidd of Speed site is disputed. No matter the truth, it's still a moving site.

Aw, there's just Russians!

Yeah, I'm not sure that Kidd of Speed story is 100% true, but I agree that the site is interesting.

From other articles I've read, it sounds like the tourist industry there is growing steadily year by year, although of course it's still small potatoes compared to a lot of places...it certainly would be a unique place to visit, albeit a rather morbid one.

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