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April 30, 2006

Homegrown, Day Two of Eight

AnnMarie canceled. But, John and Bob will be doing the poetry reading. 7 pm at The Playground. Preceded by visual art and followed by films.

Homegrown, Day One of Eight


Ribbon cutting at 9 pee em. Devil music to follow. Let the boisterous merrymaking begin.

Duluth Flickr Photowalk!

Blurry makes me happy

The first Duluth Flickr Photowalk is in the bag. Four hardy souls showed up for this Skywalk photo romp. I have uploaded my pics and the others should be soon. Follow this link to see a slideshow of the fun.

We will be doing this on a monthly basis so stay tuned for the next date and location.

charlie parr on television. kind of. check it.

National Day Of Slayer...


no, really...

I find it funny that it's due to take place on 6.6.06

April 29, 2006

if you're not at the norshor

word is jim hall will be making his return with jamie ness and wet dog this thursday at amazing grace. might be worth checking out if you're not watching low at the nor shor.



Anyone know what was going on around 10pm at 7th Ave E. and 2nd St? There were at least 15 squad cars in front of the Apt. building at that intersection.


why i'm not missing homegrown


starefire told us to take the hana highway. we did. this is where we wound up. it's called waimoku falls, slicing 400ft down the back of a shear lava wall. we took a 3.6 mile hike up slippery tree roots & rocks to get there. went thru an amazing bamboo forest. we wore flip-flops. no injuries. more pics to come.

Homegrown Memories


In anticipation of Homegrown grand opening on Sunday, I thought I would share my favorite, or perhaps I should say, “most vivid” Homegrown memory. It took place last year at the NorShor at the Bone Appetit show in the main theater. The boys were just wrapping up their set, and we all know what that means, a 10-45 minute version of “That’s Rock n’ Roll”. I was near the front of the stage singing the chorus for the 32nd time when Hot Rod and I had our “Dancing in the Dark” moment....

Hot Rod was playing the role of Bruce Springsteen and I was Courtney Cox. He pointed to me and stuck out his hand from the stage. I pointed to myself and asked “me?” It was just like the video until I grabbed his hand and started to pull myself on stage. At that point, Hot Rod must have realized that I out weighed him by 40 pounds and that the physics of this classic rock and roll moment would result in his taking a face plant into the NorShor cement floor. So, just as I was pulling myself up (my foot already on the 4 foot high stage) our hands, conveniently (for Hot Rod), slipped and I fell directly backwards onto my back.

The world sort of stopped for a moment. How I managed to prevent my head cracking open on the cement, I’ll never know. It knocked the wind out of me as everyone stared down at the rock n’ roll cliché casualty. Fortunately, I was feeling no pain at that point. Like Willis Reed returning to the court, I climbed on stage and joined the chorus at the mic “whhhhoooooaaaa, that’s rock and rooooollll.” Indeed, I thought to myself, in-fricken-deed.

Of course, that was not the only time that night that my life was in danger on the floor of the NorShor. The second time found me lying prone with Maria standing over me prepared to impale me with the State Champs trophy, Sparhawk cheering her on, only to have Amy Abts rescue me at the last moment. But that’s another story for another time….

So, what is your favorite Homegrown memory?

lego cake


Wet Dog and Taconite at TPB

Hello folks, I've been playing in these 2 different music groups, Wet Dog plays folky stuff and Taconite plays the rock and roll.
Tonight both are booked at the twin ports brewery in superior so if anybody wants to stop by we'll be playing from 10 - 1:00am. it's free AND they have beer there. Come on down.

April 28, 2006

gamer geek help needed


Does ANYONE have historic military miniatures? I'm teaching a Gaming class for spring symposium at Harbor City School and would like to get all napoleonic on these kids. WWII tanks, Romans v. Ostragoths, anything with historical context. Oh sure we can rig up counters and chits and paper but I remember when I first got to play in my first full on tiny trees and astroturf tabletop battle...changed me forever. Contact baci_at_harborcityschool_dot_org

Rock and Roll Indoor Moving Sale

Rain or Shine
Miss Mavis and AnnMarie O'Malley are having a kick ass rock and roll craftastic indoor moving sale. At this sale you'll find:
craft tools
kitchen bits
clothes that were on the bodies of hip ladies and one man.
goody grab bags
lots of other stuff

Saturday April 29th 9am-2pm
Sunday April 30th 9am-noon

31 E. 8th St (green house on the corner)
Inside Mavis' kitchen

Cue up Europe ...

... 'cause it's the final countdown.

Seven days until Bone Appetit steps on stage at R.T. Quinlan's and regains their title as Champions of Homegrown.

In case you've missed it -- April Schlock brings May Rock, and in recognition of this fact, Bone Appetit has been posting memories of their storied career on their Web site www.sexiestband.com. You are officially invited to visit.

With only a week to go, this is also the appropriate time to begin pitying the poor bastards who play before Bone Appetit -- by the way, Bone Appetit plays at 12:30 at Quinlan's -- as they will most certainly have their show ruined by drunken idiots chanting, "BONE APPE-TIT! BONE APPE-TIT! BONE APPE-TIT!"

Quite an honor, I must say.

According to Forbes.com, Duluth has one of the twelve best prisons to get thrown into:

Slideshow: http://www.forbes.com/2006/04/13/cx_lr_06slate_prisonslide.html?thisSpeed=35000',800,600

Flickr Photowalk.

Lets take a Photo walk.

Chuck has a great story today at MN Stories about their last Flickr Photowalk. I think we should start our own Duluth version of this. So I declare this Sunday, April 30th at 11am to be the first Duluth Flickr Photowalk. This coincides with the monthly Metro area walk.

Now I guess we need to pick a starting point. Any ideas? Maybe we could meet at the Looch for some coffee and then walk around downtown snapping photos to our hearts content or until our memory cards fill up.

Flickr for those who have not heard of it is a photo sharing website in which you can Tag photos to make them searchable by others. So after our walk you could go home, set up an account and upload your favorite photos tagging them "Duluth Flickr Photowalk." When they are all uploaded you can watch a slideshow of everyones photos, cool huh?

This is not a digital camera only event by the way. All types of image capturing devices are welcome. Plus it looks as if the temps will be in the 40's so dress warm. Any other questions send me an email.

April 27, 2006

Keeping it in Duluth

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune did a nice article on Duluth and the Keep Aways today.

Check it out.

How Long Does It Take...

for a typical Fortune 500 CEO to earn your pay?

It takes 33.49 seconds to earn what I make in an hour...OR...23.26 hours to earn my yearly salary.

The old Carnegie library


Rotunda illuminated

I took a guided tour of the Carnegie Building today, which served as Duluth's public library from 1902-1980, I believe. It's a gorgeous building, and it was fun to hear Paul Roen, a great Duluthian, decribe what it was like to work in the building when it was a functioning library. It wasn't always so pretty, it turns out. Mostly it was dim, dingy, falling apart, and cramped. But the current owners have put a lot of work into it and made it into something fantastic.

Paul's tour was funny, insightful and entertaining. It really made me want to tour more Duluth buildings. I often get the urge to go inside some of the cool buildings in Duluth and look around, but it's so much better if you get the real scoop from someone who knows some of the history behind the place.

Aside from these photos, I have some more in a Flickr set. They're worth checking out, as the building is incredible.

Unfortunately, I didn't have my video camera with me, as this would have made a great Minnesota Story.


April 26, 2006

Chernobyl Remebered

Chernobyl nuclear disaster - 20 years ago today.
Chernobyl Disaster: Wikipedia entry
Kidd of Speed: motorcycle rides through Chernobyl area
National Geographic: Chernobyl, 20 Years After the Disaster
Nuclear Nightmares: photos of the effects of the Chernobyl accident
20 Years, 20 Lives: Eyewitness accounts in words and photographs

Don Knotts is Dubya.

Wanted: PHP Geek

I need to talk to someone who can teach me 5 or 6 things about PHP and/or RSS for some upcoming improvements to this site that I'm contemplating. Mainly I'm interested in the PHP. If you're fluent in PHP and want to help make this site spectacular, you should definitely email me and we should definitely talk.

[email protected]

April 25, 2006

PDD Etymology

Who claims to be the originator of the phrase "Perfect Duluth Day" and/or "PDD"?

I first heard "Perfect Duluth Day" and "PDD" in the summer of 1999 (possibly May of 2000) from Tim Nelson. I always assumed that either he, Starfire or Haze came up with it.

[Incidentally, the phrase at the Nelson house was, "It's a PDD -- goddamn glorious!" I always loved that second part.]

April 24, 2006

What's Your Favorite Track?


I just picked up the new Duluth Does Dylan Revisited compilation and there are several tracks I like. The one I think is the best is the States Champs' version of "Oxford Town."

What's your favorite? Samples of the tracks can be heard here.

Chris Godsey wrote a story for mnartists.org that mentions "Oxford Town" as one of four tracks that "might challenge listeners." That statement can, of course, be interpreted to mean those tracks will only be appreciated by more refined ears or that those tracks are painfully bad. I don't think either of those interpretations is accurate regarding "Oxford Town," but I will agree that the other three tracks he mentions are indeed "challenging."

But what do YOU think, PDDers? Who has the hottest track on Duluth Does Dylan Revisited?

Solve Lundgren's Sudoku

So far, I've seen no Geek Prom photos of Paul Lundgren's face, because he wore a Sudoku puzzle on his back. Everyone admits wanting to solve it, so I've rendered it here.


What I want to know is whether anyone had solved it on his person by the end of the night, and if so, who that was.

That said, this one looks pretty easy to me.

April 23, 2006

Geek Prom

My Geek Prom photos can be found here: 2006 Geek Prom
If you have some to share, throw a link in the comments!

Living In Sin at the Holiday Inn


How out of control are the Geek Prom geeks at the Holiday Inn? So out of control that they used an image without permission.

Zoey is starting a pillow fight. Lumpy loves irony. Sherman crossed the line. Grain alcohol is in the house.

To quote Allen Richardson: "Let's call the front desk and get some methamphetamine. I thought we were sophisticated."

April 21, 2006

Support the Tribes

Candidate here, posting under Professor's moniker. This letter can be signed by anyone - artists, luminaries, politicians etc. Time is short - to show your support as a signatory respond to [email protected] with your name, address, email and phone number. Mayor Bergson and Councilors Ness, Gilbert and Reinert have already signed on. Final opportunity to see the documentary "Manoomin-A Minnesota Way of Life" about the Ojibwe's effort to win a moratorium on the genetic engineering of wild rice is Mon. April 24 at Chester Creek Cafe 7:00 PM.

Open Letter to Governor Pawlenty, President Brunicks and the Minnesota Legislature:
Wild rice, or Manoomin is about Minnesota. We have ten thousand lakes in this state, and many of them have a wild rice ecosystem, or once did. Wild rice is the only grain indigenous to North America, and Minnesota is the mother lode of biodiversity for wild rice. It cannot be replaced.
Wild rice has been and continues to be an essential part of Anishinaabeg culture, economy and way of life- and is protected under the l837 treaty with the Ojibwe people. It is unique in that it is the only treaty protected grain or crop on the continent.
For the past decade, many of us have asked for you to protect wild rice. We need you to act now.
The University of Minnesota has undertaken genetic work on wild rice. We are concerned that this work, or the work of corporate interests in California or elsewhere may create a strain of genetically engineered rice. Since most test plots for wild rice exist in Minnesota, and these test plots are proximate to wild rice stands, we are deeply concerned that at some future date, genetically engineered wild rice may be released in our ecosystem- transforming our lakes forever. Studies of other genetically engineered bent grass in test plots document their cross pollination in natural stands. In other states, like Hawaii , university officials have signed agreements with the Native Hawaiian community to protect Taro , a unique Hawaiian food. We are asking for the same.
We cannot afford to destroy the unique biodiversity which is wild rice or manoomin.
We are not opposing bio-technology, nor are we in opposition to paddy grown wild rice . The future of paddy grown wild rice is contingent upon the wellspring of natural biodiversity .We also believe ,the potential markets for something called ` genetically engineered wild rice” in a gourmet market would be miniscule. And, for lake harvested wild rice, and Anishinaabeg people who market our wild rice nationally and internationally, there would be irreparable harm to our markets as a result of genetic engineering. We have a unique food here which is natural, grows on our lakes, unique and deserves your protection.
We are asking the following:
1)The Minnesota legislature and governor should sign a bill prohibiting the introduction of genetically engineered wild rice into Minnesota- thus prohibiting potential contamination from California or other entities.
2) The Minnesota legislature should recognize wild rice as a unique part of our ecosystem, worth protecting for the ducks, waterfowl and humans yet to come.
3) The University of Minnesota should sign an agreement with the Ojibwe bands of Minnesota agreeing to not genetically engineer wild rice, and to work collaboratively to protect the unique manoomin for future generations.
Please take action today.

The PDD Calendar


The usefulness of this new feature depends on whether or not people pick it up and run with it, but I've just added a calendar function to PDD. Now anyone can add events to a calendar and we all can check it to see what's going on on a particular day.

It's easy to use, so hopefully it'll become a good resource.

Try it out at http://www.perfectduluthday.com/calendar.

[Note: You have to log in to post an event. I created a guest account to make it as free and open as possible. If this becomes a problem, then we'll have to figure out a different strategy, but for now log in as "guest" and we'll see how it works.]

Great Northern Festival of Words 4/22

Not to compete with any plans you may have for Geek Prom, Earth Day, or the Free Democracy Summit, but...
Lake Superior Writers is holding a free book fair at the Depot on Saturday from 10am to 5pm. Lots of authors and publishers, public readings, free writing/publishing workshops and the official appointment of Duluth's (and Minnesota's) first Poet Laureate (in the noon hour with some cake).
It's at the Depot, and close to a lot of other events (except, perhaps, Geek Prom).
Then to cap off the evening, Denise Sweet, Wisconsin's Poet Laureate, will be reading at Somer's Lounge in St. Scholastica. Also free.
For more info, check out http://www.lakesuperiorwriters.org/lswcal-apr06.html

Women's Soccer

Women's Soccer!

Interestested in Playing?

We're looking for ladies aged 20 and above to play this season.
All abilities welcome.

There will be an informational meeting to find out how many folks are interested in playing and whether or not they want to start a league, join a league, play pick-up or have other ideas.

Info Meeting: Monday, May 1st, 7:30PM. 1705 Jefferson St., Duluth

Call Judy (218) 391.0886 or Celia (218) 728.3771 for directions, information or with questions.

Please, pass it on and tell your friends.

Local Sears takes Customer Satisfaction to a New Level!

20051219-Cusomter_Satifaction_Up.gifApparently the Miller Hill Mall Sears is taking customer satisfaction to a whole new level. Check out this job description for a sales associate -

Responsible for selling and servicing customers. Must be willing and able to handle customer issues that may arise on the sales floor. The associate will spend all of their time on the sales floor.

Selling customers? Servicing customers?!? I imagine that some customer issues will arise! And you have to spend all your time on the floor? Wow.

Thanks to Charlotte for bringing this to my attention.

Carmody is open...officially!


I think I found my new favorite bar.

I call this picture "Shazam!"

April 20, 2006

Help Wanted 2 bucks

I Found This.

I found this handmade flyer today while walking the dog. Ever since I discovered Found Magazine I have picked up more scraps of paper than I used to. Almost always they amount to nothing but every once in a while you strike gold.

This note is so sweet, I feel like applying for the job. I am submitting this to Found for sure.

p.s. Remember when Davey from Found came to town. That was the sweetest show ever.

April 18, 2006

Q: How Many Geeks Can You Fit In a Kia?


A: 21; confirmed in 2004.

Hopefully Saturday's Geek Prom Convoy will have enough drivers to avoid repeating the KIA stunt.

NPR's Terry Gross at CSS Wed

Lake Superior Writers is bringing Terry Gross to Duluth Wednesday Night. She'll be talking about her experiences hosting Fresh Air and her new book. We'd love to see you there.
7pm Mitchell Auditorium
$25 VIP admission, $13 general admission, $10 students/seniors.
For tickets call 218-723-7000. A small surcharge will be added to advance ticket sales

Oops or Whoops?


Can someone explain the difference between a 'Oops and a Whoops'?

April 17, 2006

Highbridge Opener...






First Duluth Juvenile Giant Squid Hunt in the Tunnels Goes Awry


Strange Kingdom

I was passively reading the sad story of the Oklahoma man who killed a 10-year-old girl, until I got to the section where it talks about the killer and his online hobbies:

"He said one of his main interests was the online role-playing game 'Kingdom of Loathing,' in which stick figures battle one another."
Wait a second... I play Kingdom of Loathing! Weird - what are the odds of that...?

Using my cyber-sleuth skills, I spent the next few minutes tracking down his online personas, reading his blogs, finding out about his hobbies and interests.
I started getting freaked out when I realized that we had more than just an online game in common.
Monty Python, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Fight Club, They Might Be Giants, Weird Al, 80's music, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Onion, Slashdot, Lovecraft...
And it's not just interests either. He talks in his blogs about how he's shy and somewhat socially inept... Dealing with depression and it's effects... Stuck in a crappy job...
Holy crap - this guy could be me! (or at least someone I would probably hang out with if he lived in Duluth)
Though I'm not a religious person, the phrase "there but for the grace of God goes I" came into my mind. I have so much in common with this person, but yet nothing in common when it comes to the details surrounding his crime. What is it that makes us so similar, yet separates us so far? What drives a person to commit such an act? Is it hiding in all of us? In me?
It's so much easier to view horrible crimes from a distance - to picture the killer as someone so deranged and bizarre that they're almost non-human. But to look into the eyes of the killer, and see familiarity? Creepy.

Did you just hear that ....gong......

MN Stories has a vlog post today about the Japanese Temple bell at Enger Park ... well it's more of a preivew .. can't wait for the full length ... as always, a great distraction to a Monday.

By the way .. is the wind still over 30 knots up there today ... just about blew my head off this weekend.

twin terrors!

3 twin terrors.jpg

here they are in all their glory. our own tonya von camp and her partner michael's beautiful twin boys. elden benjamin & ezra michael. i don't know which is which. i suppose right now they are interchangeable. born 30 january 2006. good luck you 4. at least we know they won't go hungry....

Magnificent Japanese Things


Rube Goldberg may be way before my time but after getting a book of his inventions one Christmas, his world was revealed unto me. Now in this video there are nearly thirteen minutes of many Goldberg-esque contraptions for a Japanese business or concept or something.

Since I've taken some Japanese I should really take the time to figure out exactly what the numerous signs say. Maybe later. For now, watch and wonder.

April 16, 2006

How John and I spent Easter

On the way to Bemidji a blazer rolls through a stop sign and hits us on highway 2
John hit his head.
The other side.
We are only mildly scratched, but expect to feel worse tomorrow.
The car is fucked, the lap top is fucked, and a copy of Burnout 3: Takedown that was in the trunk.

It was incredible driving on John's part and thanks to him we are both walking around. Notice that the car was pinned on both sides. John laid on the horn (the driver was really oblivious never even slowed down) and swerved for the empty space.
Everyone is OK.
When asked to sit down by the paramedics he said he was "Too pumped up." When asked what day it was his reply was, "Somewhere around Easter." And then I said, "It is Easter." And the paramedics scolded me and told me to not intervene.

Free Democracy Summit 2006


There was no post about Duluth's most fabulous political forum on here so I felt obliged to throw this link up here. April 21-23, scope the website. No Jim Hightower this year, but Franken is making another trip up north.

April 15, 2006

Happy friggin' Easter!

southern lurker seeks reality check

Hi everybody. I've been a lurker on this site for a few weeks because I'm entertaining the idea of moving to Duluth -- PDD is a great site and I especially love the photos. I spent two months in Duluth last summer (studying accordion repair) and was surprised to find that Duluth was really cool. All the people I met were extremely nice and I was impressed by the music community (Cloud Cult, Hobo Nephews, etc.). I currently live in Atlanta and am bored to death by it -- I've checked out several other potential places to relocate but continually return to thoughts of Duluth. Am I crazy? Can a southerner get used to your winters? Just how bad is it? I really like the Duluth vibe and would be working on a web-based business -- I'm just a little nervous about the snow. Any thoughts?

April 14, 2006

Garage Sale!


Ah spring.

I am having a garage sale tomorrow from 8am to whenever to clear out some of my stuff and my old tenants stuff. You should all come and say hi. I put out a ton of records some of which are pretty damn good. Lots of 70's and some 80's too. I also have a big fish hanging on my garage.

1217 E 5th St. (in the alley)

buy my fish...


It is my cousin's 21st birthday today and we are going out tonight. She is looking for an extremely wild time, I think. Where the heck do kids go these days? If you all know the hot spots, tell me quick. Thanks.

Homegrown Volunteer Fun!

Hey kids,

Homegrown is in need of a few folks to help out with a few tasks during the week of the festival.

For starters, Saturday morning around 10ish, we're distributing posters. Come down to Pizza Luce and pick up a few, and put 'em up in places where they need to go...

We're also looking for 10-20 folks to help out with some larger tasks during the festival itself. Particularly, we need a trusty person (in addition to the soundguy) at each venue to make sure things run smoothly, make sure bands show up, help them get in and out, up and down in a relatively timely fashion. Basically, we need venue managers. It could be worth your while...and if anyone is interested, please contact me at...zra_wei (at) yahoo d o t com.


April 13, 2006

Geeks + Sushi = A Wonderful Thing

Mmmm, raw fish!

I've noticed that there are quite a few sushi aFISHionados in the PDD bunch. I strongly suggest that we should all get together for a meal of raw fish before Geek Prom next weekend.

Here's my plan:

-Saturday, April 22nd, pre-Geek Prom meal
-Fuji Ya, Downtown St. Paul (www.fujiyasushi.com)
-Full Geek Regalia

Any takers? We'll be there - and would like y'all to join us. Please let me know if you're interested ASAP and I'll see if we can all get a bit table together.


Caption this photo, please.


My entry: I see your Schwatz is as big as mine!

Another Proud Minnesotan

I recall from my youth an edition of the Star Trek comic where Spock discusses his childhood. As I'm sure we all know, Spock is half-human. His mother is Amanda Grayson. In this particular edition, Spock makes mention of where his mother is from: Minneapolis.

That's right. Spock's half-humanness is Minnesotan.

Though to some, this might stand contrary to other cannonaical (and some non-cannonaical) claims, it's still something worth taking a measure of awkward pride in.

"Tell her... I feel fine."


Also see:
- Star Trek: The Planet of Judgement. Written by Joe Haldeman. Bantam Books. 1977.

- Others claim that Amanda Grayson is from Seattle. These others are Wikipedia and those who cite Wikipedia as their source. However, there is nothing immediately available to substantiate this claim. Furthermore, they also make refernce to "accepted Star Trek chronology," wherein the published and accepted chronologies do not claim anything more than she is (or, will be) a school-teacher from Earth.

Goodbye Duluth

I 'm moving to Saint Paul on April 22nd.
Why? School, new job, sushi whenever I want it.
I'm excited to start a new chapter and very sad to leave this imperfectly perfect city that has been so good to me for the last 51/2 years. As I prepare to go, I'm thinking of all my perfect duluth days:

Geek Prom 2003 when I was crowned Queen
Homegrown 2003 when I was knocked unconscious by a crowd surfer's boot
Enger Tower on a blustery windy day
basement shows at the Catbox
BBQ's at Lindquist's
Let's Get Filthy CD recording at Lindquist's
lots of poetry with Bob
lots of Crew Jones
Pizza Luce brunches
Sharing a studio with Monroe
writing for the Transistor
and on and on. . .

Thank you Duluth.

Name That Print, part deux

As anyone who knows me can attest, once I get interested in something, I very rarely stop until I have an answer. (Plus being off work until the little one comes tends to leave me with lots of spare time for trivia things... yay!)

To satisfy my own quest for knowledge, I sent that photo of a print to Shawn Johnson, who is the northern contact for the MN Trappers organization. Here is his reply:

Yup, I definitely recognize those tracks.
It was made by a Canada lynx.
Keep your eyes open and your camera handy.
They tend to stay in an area where there is a good food source- snowshoe hares or a road killed deer and aren't too shy of giving great photo opportunities.
Best of luck,
Shawn Johnson

Then he sent me some photos:

Canada lynx

Canada lynx

And here's a little more information, from the Minnesota DNR website: Canada lynx

Congrats, Vicarious - you were really lucky to find that print! :)

April 12, 2006

Neat Google Trick

1) Go to Google (pops)

2) Type in "Failure"

3) Press "I'm Feeling Lucky"


Aquarium, Circa 1930

Old-skool, hand-colored postcards!

...the easy way!

Go. Now.

Currently, it is 1:24pm in Duluth. It's sunny and it's 63° in the shade with a slight, pleasant breeze. In short, it is perfect.

Get off the internet and go outside. ASAP.

lounge with me, if you dare


Okay, I've been enthralled with somafm and especially their newest stream Illinois Street Station. Classic smarm and ultra-lounge. This music has inspired me and those of like mind (including pdd's very own clumsy to form our own shag/swank/lounge/wtf band called Tangier 57. We're playing May 2nd (the ONLY thing to do late tuesday night) at Camondie's for Homegrown. Please make a plan to come and swank it up with us groovy daddios. BTW the Andre Popp's beer barrel polka is beyond human capacity to understand...so dont try, just shag it.


Yes, it's eel ice cream. Yes, it's from Japan. I will not say whether it's creepy or not.
As in.dog can attest to, I love to cook. One of my favorite things to do is look up recipes on the internet. Sometimes I get really lucky and find a site like this, which begs me to share it with you all... enjoy!

April 11, 2006

one man dancing band

any one have any leads as to where or who I can talk to about finding street performers here in Duluth. I am in hot pursuit and would love some help. And yes your uncle al who can play mary had a little lamb out of his nose does count.



So there I was, walking to school to-day, a bright beautiful warm morning, daffodils, tulips, crocuses (croci?) and verdant grass shooting up to greet the sun. I was in a good mood, energetic, thinking about how perhaps I should participate in an Earth Day clean-up of Tischer Creek. As I continued my stroll, something on the sidewalk caught my eye, a disgusting shade of glowing green, the likes of which I’ve never seen.

Apparently someone with a horrible nasal passage infection had passed this way recently. A few steps later and I saw more evidence. Obviously this person should not have been out of bed, much less out walking and evacuating their sick sinuses onto the sidewalk. Had they aimed one foot to the left, it would’ve gone into the grass and I wouldn’t have had to see it. Please people, Keep America Green - but not by hocking your snaggers onto the walkway! Woof!

April 10, 2006

Disco G.


It's time...

Highbridge Disc Golf Complex

Name that print!

Stony River, MN. Last Friday. Not Bigfoot (this time).


Missing ipod at Turf Club


Did anybody find a black miniature ipod at the Turf club saturday? (duluth does dylan) The drummer who played with me that night lost his. It's a long shot but I thought I'd see if anyone found it.


On the Street Tomorrow


Acceleratii, John Agacki, Teague Alexy with Medication, The Alrights, Anti-Anne, Bare Common, Batteries, Black-eyed Snakes The Black Labels, Boku Frequency, Bone Appetit, Boy Girl Boy Girl, Bear Garden, Anthony Bennett, Biochemical Characters, The Brushstrokes, Mary Bue, , Cellodreams, Chad, Charm School, Cheer Up Poems, Crew Jones, The DTs, Devil’s Flying Machine, Dan Dresser, Eeriearq, Fair-weather Friend, Farewell Tour, Bill Flannagan and Friends, The Flavanoids, Brendan Flynn and the Antmen, 4321, Orley Francois, Andrew Gabel, Godhead and Manhood, Simon Gray, Groove Symphonic, Brandon Hagstrom, Hambone & the Catfish, Shaunna Heckman, Hewitt Station, The Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank, Holding Pattern, The Hotel Coral Essex, Humanoid, I Am the Slow Dancing Umbrella, The Ice Cream Socialists, If Thousands, Bill & Kate Isles, The Junk Drawers, The Keep Aways, K9 Heart Sounds, Tom Keteri and The Painkillers, Laura Kincaid, Kritical Kontact, La Foret, Lake Superior Cacophonic Choir, Lament of Aporia, Josh Lassi, The Little Black Books, Lo-fi, Lookdown Moon, Low, Malec, Dave Mehling & Small Change, Bill Meier, Melodramatics, Mikey Talented, Mr. Kickass, Mooshy Cookie, Jamie Ness, The New Vintage, No Room to Pogo, Noble Haze, No Wait Wait, Number One Common, Charlie Parr, Leane Perius, Neal Peterson, Portrait of a Drowned Man, Prince Paul and the Conscious Party, Quetico, Quetico Brothers, Arna Rennan & Brian Dack, Retribution Gospel Choir, Sara Softich Band, Sight Like December, Sirreal, Skard Incorporated, Sleepfarmer, Jerree Small, S.N.A.F.U.B.A.R., Some People’s Kids, The State Champs, Stel & Lefty, Sterling Waters, The SuperTacks, Sweetgrass, Swimming With Nancy, The Tangier 57s, The Three Altos, Thunder Brothers, Trampled By Turtles, Vintage Val Turcotte, The Undesirables, Uncle Kenny, United Men Divide, Untame Bodies, Ryan Van Slooten, The Very People, Gus Watkins, Wet Dog, Wino, WI, Witrak Brothers, Wormsley Common Gang.

Camera Advice, Please

I've recently decided that my crappy digital camera is too crappy to bear any longer. I have a 2-megapixel Canon A60 Powershot, which has served my needs well because I really only take pictures for the web, and reduce everything to 400-500px wide anyway.

But lately I've been really unhappy with the quality of the photos it takes, and I want a new camera. I'm at a loss about what to get. Here are my criteria:

- I DO NOT want a digital SLR or anything of that size. Photography is not a hobby for me and I won't be trekking around with a 5-pound monster camera. I want something extremely portable that I can comfortably carry in my jacket pocket. It doesn't have to be a credit-card sized camera, however. I want the best compromise between photo quality and portability.

- I DO want some level of manual control over the camera. This is what I like about my current camera -- there are lots of settings that are somewhat adjustable by the user, plus there are some nice presets. I can slow the shutter speed down to 15 seconds if I want, and sometimes I do just that.

Any suggestions?

Homegrown Lineup Online


Time to plan your evenings!

Check out a handy PDF of this year's Homegrown lineup, or visit the Homegrown Myspace for a plain HTML version.

April 09, 2006

Parkin' It

It's LP's Spring Break and the beauty of being unemployed is that we get to enjoy it together. Of course, the downfall of being unemployed is that we don't have any money to do anything. So we're "pakin' it"

We aim to hit seven parks in the next week. So far, we have hit two: Lincoln (yesterday) and Lester (today).

Instead of us deciding where to go the rest of the week, we thought it would be fun to get your recommendations since many of you have no problem telling people where to go.

We’ll go anywhere in the Twin Ports area and like places with playgrounds and/or hiking trails. We also bring along a bag of outdoor games (badminton, Frisbee, weird velcro handball game, and bubbles), so an open space to play would be good. And hey, if you have some free time, join us!

So, where should we go tomorrow?

April 08, 2006

What? Again?!?


Seymour Hersh (an investigative reporter for The New Yorker) quotes a white house source as saying:
"This White House believes that the only way to solve the problem is to change the power structure in Iran, and that means war."

President Bush views Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a "potential Adolf Hitler," and sees "regime change" in Tehran as the ultimate goal.

Isn't this starting to sound a little redundant?

read the full story here:


The rest appears in the April 17th issue of The New Yorker, and has also been reported on

April 07, 2006

Invasive Species In Minnesota: A Quick Look


music for the masses

Hello, this Saturday night April 8th Larissa Anderson will be playing a concert at Beaner's. She is from Minneapolis, and she is also my former high school Film teacher. every sensitive-geek boy had a crush on her. She's real real great. She's got a guitar, a great voice, and great songs. what more do you want? gosh.

show is $5 and either music or doors are at 8:00. Ben Woolman and Bernie King will be there too.

April 06, 2006

The Greatest Band on Earth


For fear that this news might have gotten lost among all the recent insulting and debating, I would like to reiterate Cork's post: BONE-AP-PETIT! BONE-AP-PETIT! BONE-AP-PETIT!

Seriously. You need to check out the ongoing 30 Days of Bone Appetit History over at sexiestband.com.

In addition to reading tales of yore, you can:

- Watch videos of Bone Appetit performing live.
- Download the album Love, Lust, and Rock 'n' Roll, free of charge
- Download Bone's rare self-titled album, which includes a powerful cover of "You Shook Me All Night Long" (also free)

What the hell are you doing here?


It's 2006! I want my flying car!

In 1934, the Bureau of Air Commerce recognized the Waterman Arrowplane as one of two award-winning designs for its flivver, (i.e. light, easy-to-fly, and affordable) aircraft competition. The Waterman Aerobile #6 is the improved version of the design. The Arrowplane was initially designed in response to U. S. Bureau of Air Commerce Chief Eugene Vidal's initiative AB-205 for "everyman's safe, low-cost, airplane." The target price of $700 for a flivver aircraft was widely ridiculed as too low, even at depression prices, because of practical engine and manufacturing costs, but Vidal found significant general interest in the concept.

Waldo Waterman flew the first test flight of the Arrowbile on February 21, 1937, and found the aircraft easy to fly and virtually spin and stall proof. However, its price of $3,000 was nowhere near the $700 airplane envisioned by Vidal. The craft was registered as a motorcycle in California. The Studebaker Company, looking to advertise its engines (used to power the Arrowbile), bought the company and ordered the first five aircraft. Numbers 1, 2, and 3 were completed and given restricted certificates for flight from Santa Monica to Cleveland, Ohio, in September 1937 to attend the National Air Races. Although No. 1 was severely damaged during a forced landing in Arizona, No. 2 and No. 3 performed impressive daily demonstrations.

So where's my goram flying car at!?!?!


I'm going to take some time off from pdd, I realized that I have been insulted here more than anywhere else in my life. I'm sure part of that is my fault, and I don't really feel any annimosity towards anyone in particular. As this is the contact point I have for most of you feel free to drop me an email if you need to get in touch. I will be back, in a month or two, or three. I'm just a little tired.

I'll try and show up some Wednesdays for Go, and I won't let the door hit my ass on the way out.

Have fun, enjoy the summer


What are PDDers listening to these days as far as music? I've hit a dry spell as far as new tunes and would appreciate some suggestions. My last downloads from iTunes included Matisyahu "Live at Stubbs" and The Mamas and the Papas "If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears".

Skeleton Fear Factor

Skeletons.JPGI'm so bummed that skeletons lost a little bit of their scare-intensity.
I loved the fact that any time a skeleton showed up in Violet Days, someone was going to get the shit scared out of them!
Now it's a slightly less harmful "living daylights". *sniff*
Stupid DNT and newspaper censorship! If you can show nudity in the paper as art, you can show "shit" as art!

Stupid Polish Things

bike shorts2.jpg

take one for the team


My Left Irish Foot.

Daniel Day-Lewis - Bild.jpg

Word on the street is Carmody's Irish Pub is opening on Saturday with a special guest. Daniel Day Lewis who is related to Eddie Gleason will be in the house. Anyone going?

Zenith City Wiki

Picture 1.png

Is anyone here involved with the Duluth wiki page? It is, as the wikipedia people point out, a good article, but things can always be better.

April 05, 2006

MN goes Open Source..kind of

Looks like MN will join with the other evolved state in the US and try to pass a bill requiring state documents to be created in open(read non-microsoft) formats. Please tell your legislators to support this forward thinking effort

story here

and i thought i was a perv

these upstanding citizens make me look like...well you get the picture. my personal fav is neal horsley.

Tom Russell

Tom Russell is playing at the Sacred Heart Music Center (downtown near the hospital) Friday night 8. I saw him last year at Beaner's when he was in town, he's quite terrific. He's one of Dave Letterman's faves, and will be on his show in about two weeks. Also Friday, he's doing a preview/interview for KUMD at 3 in the afternoon at the Weber. He's sort of hip Americana, invoking the spirit of Charles Bukowski. Tickets are $15 in advance (at the Electric Fetus), $20 at the door, and best of all, $10 student - well worth it.



Y'know, while perusing the 120-odd comments on the Creepy Japanese Things topic, I was suddenly struck with a thought: "We're Better Than This."

It really is narrowminded to focus our ridicule on the Japanese. Sure the Japanese are an easy target. But let's face it -- there's plenty to point out and mock in this world. From Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi pretending to hump a meter maid, to the oh-so-American picturesofjesus4you.com, people all over this world are just begging for our hot links and tasty comments.

I believe that the best way to solve this debate is to stop arguing and pool our creative talents to improve this blog. PDD is filled with creative people who have great ideas. We need to come up with a new category name that really shines. It can't just be "Creepy Things" or anything lame like that. It needs to be witty. It needs to be good.

So let's have a contest for the renaming of the Creepy Japanese Things category. Post your ideas as comments. The winner will receive a PDD T-shirt, five PDD stickers, and a burned copy of Phil Collins' No Jacket Required album.

Finally, I'd like to say that I've been friends with Jon since we were 16 years old. I hope we will remain friends. Also I want everyone to know that Jon is indeed Asian, that I took gym class with him in high school, and that certain stereotypes, in this case at least, are true.

He'll argue otherwise, but he sucks at math.

April 04, 2006

What's Your Japanese Subculture?

You Are a Henna Gaijin!
You're not Japanese, but you wish you were!
You can use chopsticks with your eyes closed, and you've memorized hundreds of Kanji.
You even answer your phone "moshi moshi."
While the number of anime videos you've seen is way higher than the number of dates you've been on, there's hope.
Play the sexy, mysterous gaijin, and you'll have plenty of Japanese meat.

What's Your Japanese Subculture?

Honestly, this quiz was sent to me in my email today by my aforementioned sister of the creepy niece fame. I submit it for your enjoyment... :-)

Gluttonous Gull Gets Gratuity

If you take a look at CNN right now, a story from humble little Duluth is on the front page, right next to Saddam Hussein.
Who would have thought that our clever seagull would be the second most popular video on CNN!

You think YOU like it cold...?


Thursday, April 6th, 2006 @ 6pm

Polar explorers Lonnie Dupre and Eric Larsen will be hosting a fundraiser shortly before they leave on their latest arctic expedition at Great Lakes Aquarium.

Dupre and Larsen are attempting to complete the first ever summer crossing of the Arctic Ocean. In late April, the two explorers will set off from Siberia and travel to the geographic North Pole, then continue to finish the expedition at the northernmost point of Greenland, Cape Morris Jessup. Dupre and Larsen will pull and paddle specially modified canoes across 1,240 miles of shifting sea ice and open ocean.

In addition to mastering the feat of crossing the Arctic Ocean, the One World Expedition’s mission is to contribute to uniting the world to protect this pristine environment and to better understand global climate change. Part of their journey will include taking documentary footage and collecting scientific data in support of current research on global climate change.

The fundraiser event will begin at 6pm with live music, social hour and a cash bar. Dupre and Larsen will give a presentation about the expedition at 7pm on the conditions of the Arctic Ocean and current global climate trends, with a question-answer session to follow. Much of the gear and tools used on this venture will be on display, including one-of-a kind modified sled canoes the two crafted. Guests will even be able to experience pulling one of these sleds! This will be one of the final and most significant fundraising events for this expedition. Dupre and Larsen need and appreciate the community’s support to help make it happen as their goal is to round out the expedition’s budget with this event.

The “One World – One Night” fundraising event is a unique opportunity to get to know these world-famous explorers and their motivations to risk everything in pursuit of science and adventure.

Tickets available at the door for only $20 for the general public; $15 for GLA members.

More info available at www.oneworldexpedition.com

Schlock Mercenary Book

Schlock Mercenary Book Cover

My cousin released his first book, featuring his Schlock Mercenary web comic. Pre-orders available here. To get a feel for what you are getting, here are pages 38 through 41 in pdf format. Buy'em up, they're red hot.

Eventually that pre-order page will cease to be... then you will have to go through Amazon.com or something like that.

April 03, 2006

Creepy Baby Photos

Scary Baby!

In light of the recent posts of creepy things, I thought I'd share this oh-so-lovely Christmas photo of my niece. I find this photo quite creepy, especially since this is the photo that went out on my sister and husband's Christmas cards. Mutant Babies, unite! Oh, wait, does that make me ageist? Or baby-ist?

File Under Creepy Farm Things

This is a photo I actually took awhile ago outside my house. If that doesn't define creepy I don't know what does.

Truth in Advertising

Today on Rocketboom Amanda uses viral advertising against itself and produces her own commercial that may be the finest SUV commercial ever. Watch it on the Chevy site before they wise up and take it down, or check it out on today's Rocketboom. It's the last story.

I've made my own. See what you think. Make your own and post it under comments.


I wonder


That's a gag, right?

The Homegrown "Jog/Social Run" is an April Fools joke, right? I mean, nobody's that stupid, right?


More Rainbows!

I saw the beautiful picture of the double rainbow from the hill at dusk on the rotating photo dealy, and I showed my husband immediately. I'd just been trying to explain to him last weekend how incredible rainbows can be in duluth... with the hill and the low cloud cover and all that - and I'm wondering if anyone has more rainbow pictures they could send me.

Feel free to send them on to [email protected]

Thank you!!

April 02, 2006

My own weird point of origin post.

In response to the preposition brought up in the recent "File Under Creepy Yooper Things"

Greatest local news ever.
Follow link to see full scale. Middle column, last paragraph.

The Reincarnation Station

I was going to create a post about The Reincarnation Station even before I finished the test. My results were apparently not surprising.
Everyone knows what I am going to be (and hopefully will leave cream out for me). What will you be?

April Schlock Brings May Rock


In celebration of the annual Bone Appetit and friends' Homegrown Music Festival, www.sexiestband.com presents "April Schlock Brings May Rock: 30 Days of Bone Appetit History."

Join us to laugh, relive and, yes, even learn a little.

In other Bone Appetit news, their 2002 release Love, Lust and Rock 'n' Roll is now available for download, in its entirety, GRATIS at www.sexiestband.com, the official Web site of Bone Appetit. Enjoy.

File Under Creepy Yooper Things

yooper deer.jpg

I know this thing has been beaten to death (the topic, not the deer) but maybe all those in favor of keeping the "Creepy Japanese Things" category should be required, as in.dog.neato suggested, to post something weird, disgusting, disturbing or just plain creepy about their place of origin. Here's my opening salvo. Enjoy.

April 01, 2006

Expats in Madison

Calling all Madisonians!
For all people that live in Madison, Low and the Keepaways will be playing at the High Noon Saloon on April 14th. I thought it might be a great time for a Duluth meet up before the show. Pizza at Glass Nickel or a sushi feast somewhere.

Any takers?