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Yet another reason to hate MN republicans

As if it wasn't bad enough that MN Republicans were sending out videos against gay marriage, but apparently the CD collects information about you without your knowledge!
If those republican jackasses have the nerve to send me one of these in the mail, I'm marking it "Return to Sender" and adding "KEEP YOUR HOMOPHOBIC SPYWARE THE FUCK OUT OF MY MAILBOX!"


So I take it you aren't being a good republican.

I've watched mine like 10 times and reported 3 people from my block as possible sodomizers.

Just kidding.
(it was more like 10 people)

that mark drake fuck looks like a total pedder-ass. and the tools on the cd package=stepford families.

Ack! I didn't read this post until now (after I posted the same info).
Is there some sort of irony to Bad Cat and Kitty Brand posting the same info?

I look forward to seeing those packages come through.

I'm confused by the slogan "It should be your right to define marriage." Yes, it should. Stop trying to take it away.

Why limit the definition of marriage to TWO people? Or, two PEOPLE?

Future archeologists are going to say "..... what the FUCK were they thinking?!!"

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