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What is your best $0.99 album?


I bought this LP for 99 cents at the Electric Fetus. Besides missing the sleeve, it is in excellent condition. Can anyone top it?



Cat Steven's Buddha and the Chocolate Box. With the comic book.

Russian version of UB40's Rat in the Kitchen

craig spates - just me

oh ya
craig spates - just me

dorothy swings heavy. barrett....paging barrett chase.

"More German Beer-drinking Music"

SOYL on cassette

Don't worry, C-Freak, ol' Dot is in good hands. You can have her back any time you want.

I was trying to explain vinyl to my kids the other day. They didn't get it. I miss the cover art. CD's are just too small for good cover art.

I got a bunch of old-school punk albums at the dollar store a few months ago.

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