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Weird Cookie

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Picked up some food at Chef Yee's tonight and got this fortune. Anyone else out there have any funny/bizarre fortunes they've ever received?


Worst fortune I ever received was six blank fortune tabs in one cookie.

Opportunities will present themselves through may goors.

Why aren't the numbers multiples of 11 then? Consistency of vision, folks! We must maintain consistency of vision!

By the way, I'm blogging on board a train. How cool is that?

A train where?

It's like you got spam in your fortune.

A coworker of mine got the exact same fortune.

Best part about it, being an engineer, he understood it... most other people wouldn't.

I once had a horoscope that said: "Rock and Roll prophecy will be fulfilled when ex-Queen member Brian May shows up at your door and officially "Rocks You."

Was that an Onion horoscope?

yeah. Does that count? After all, it was foretold by Lloyd Schumner, Retired Machinist and Certified Astrologer.

I always trust horoscopes that are prognosticated and divinated by guys names Lloyd.

Starfire, I was on a train between St. Paul and Chicago. Occassionally at stations I'd get a strong enough signal that I could be on-line, but it was fairly inconsistant. Now I'm in Chicago for the week.

So far my experience of Chicago wifi is that they are fairly proprietary about their signals. I'm checking out metrofreefi.com for their recommendations of good free wifi in the city. They also have a map of Duluth, which seems pretty sparse. I know there are more hotspots than that.

stay out of a bar called "berlin". the dykes in there like to brawl. not that i would know anything about that.

I just passed by Berlin in Chicago yesterday. Didn't go in.

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