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Total Information Awareness Basketball?


We are so fucked and fucked. Just a heads up.

On the bright side, I can now use nanomolecular paint to keep out their mind control rays out of the inside of my brain. Don't laugh. Turns out the tinfoil hat I've been using all these years actually makes things worse!


Yes fucked we are and I don't see any
hope as long as most of our citizenry is brainwashed by religeon and televion. I think a Mad-Max style break
down in society would be an improvement over our current situation.

I love life. And I have no fear of bogeymen, because they aren't real. Why don't I feel "fucked" like Don and Adam? Am I oblivious? No. I just love life. And I chose love over fear.

Oh yeah, and I have a little secret knowledge.

Shit. I really shouldn't have sent out those mass emails saying I was going to make an army of robots and crush this little union of states.

Well, now they know, and knowing is half the battle. I guess that is why we are still only 1% through our little Afghan and Iraqi war. Although no one really talks about Afghanistan anymore. Gosh, there much be more than bunkers and miles of sand to talk about. c'mon.

Here's hopin we clean up our mess in iraq.


basketball! at least they didn't sully golf.

I don't see how it's possible to sully the White Man's Burden any further...

now i know why you didn't catch me last night! you want me injured so my swing goes to hell.

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