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To Boldly Go Where No MMORPG Has Gone Before

Perpetual Entertainment just released the first screen shots of their forthcoming Star Trek Online MMORPG. The project leader, Darron Stinnet, gave a roughly hour long interview on Hailing Frequency about the development process they are going through. It sounds and looks amazing. The game is set roughly 20 years after Nemesis. My only problem with it is that it is not being produced for Mac, but if the teasers are any indication I may just have to invest in a PC because STO just looks that cool. Oh, and I should mention that Michael Okuda and Andrew Probert (both of whom worked on Star Trek: The Next Generation) are on their design staff.

And before you start salivating too much, release date isn't set yet and probably won't be until 2008. They are hoping to go Beta by Summer 2007. I know. ::sigh::


i've never gotten in to the online gaming.

i now see that changing very soon.

okay here's our chance!! PDD guild (or whatever form of player confederation they have) Let's do it!!! I'll invest, suffer the slings and arrows of my wife's eyes if I have a group of RL pals who I can group with....what say you all?? Can we found a Duluth colony ... how about a ship...or can we be space hippies and take over the enterprise for our trip to a perfect duluth day?

Though the idea of playing space hippies from Duluth sound really appealing, alas, I am too poor to pay for a MMORPG. Back to KOL for me. :(

hey... I play KOL as well.

I played GuildWars a for a summer or so, it was fun in a way, but once I stopped I didn't have any great desire to start back up.

The next big game I'm actually looking foward to is Will Wright's Spore

I'm "Catastic" - feel free to attack me sometime. ;)
Spore reminds me of the BBC Evolution game (which kicks my ASS!).

I just submitted the name USS Duluth to the site. It was accepted into the list of possible ship names.


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