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radio.harborcityschool.net:8002 is back online..student driven with final fantasy midis, glam rock and local what not. This is for PDDers to test. full distribution after we take your pounding for a bit. Website soon.


i got it
bowie - you bet!!

Seems to work just fine. The music isn't my cup o' tea... but I bet my shoutcast stream isn't everyone's thing either.

Equator by Sparks-very nice

They should play White Bread by Buddy and the Drawer

there's only one thing worse than communism
it's terrorism

I'd like to hear the dj's once in awhile, actually. Thanks for the post.

It's pretty cool, but it'd be neat to hear more of a variety in music. Since they're are no FCC restrictions, does the school restrict what they play?

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