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OK, so let's get real about the sushi restaurant in Superior. Is it good, clean, safe sushi fun?


Shakers? Mama Gets? that place?

I went there once and they didn't have fish.

I am serious.

The vegetarian stuff is good. Don't expect real sushi if that is what you are asking. They do have tuna, salmon, and what is really weird, smoked fishes, like smoked whitefish. I guess you could call it up-north sushi. Can we coin that? We could be the focal point for a new wave of food. Shitty sushi. It really isn't *that* bad, but it sure isn't anywhere near authentic. Could it be at the other end of the world?

Go down to the Fuji Ja in St. Paul. I think it's on Grand. Or shit, go to that little gyros place just up tower from there. That place rocks. It is a good gyro.

I would say though that the sushi at the old teahouse Stillpointe was pretty good. It was a lot closer.

I've never been disapointed with any tuna I've gotten from Mt. Royal. Pretty cheap and better than what I have picked up at Coastal Seafood in the Cities.

i had the mama gets sushi once, it was alright. i did ony eat the vegetarian stuff though. the endamame was nasty: unfresh and slimy.

fujiya, yes, that shit is pretty good and it's on lake street a couple blocks east of hennepin in minneapolis. i don't really know anything though. all food tastes good after six cosmos.

I've had the eel, the octopus, and the flying fish eggs there. All pretty good, if a bit pricey, but still good.

The Co-op has started to make sushi at the deli in a sporadic, unscheduled way. At least they wouldn't commit to a schedule when I asked them saying only one person on their staff was making it and it was still experimental. It's vegetarian but it was pretty good. I got some that was sitting in the cooler probably for too long. I'd like to try it fresh.

Nick and I have made it at home (vegetarian) and it is suprisingly easy and fun. Go to the Oriental grocery on 4th St and they will sell you all you need and give you a quick lesson.

Very easy to make at home. Do yourself a favor and buy the rice that is already washed and a $20 rice cooker from target. The cooker has got to be one the of best inventions ever. If you do your california rolls with I can't believe its not crab, try a can of the real stuff (white meat $8-$10 a can, mix with just enough mayo to hold together) Way yummier than fake. Toss some samblek for spicy crab. Soon Mt. Royal will have a sushi bar after their remodel.

The best canned crab is Miller's Select. You can get it at Mount Royale, and I think now cub. It is like $5-10 a can, but is actually fabulous.

I second the DIY approach. It is almost like making tacos (many bowls of chopped stuff) only way better.

The "Mama Get's" sushi is pretty much the same as the Stillpoint sushi. Same chef, same menu, new environment.

I think it's a nice addition to our local restaurants and that they make some rather nice sushi. (I like the spicy rolls.)
It's not big city, ocean-side fair, but that's not where we choose to live, and it's a very good start.

Homemade is also great.

Not the same chef. Stillpointe had some big white guy from the cities and a kid named Yoshi from UWS. The new place has some mexican guy.

I tried to frequent still pointe so it would stay around. I liked that teahouse.

"fare" rather.

I went to Sakana, (formerly Mama Get's) and Yoshi from Stillpoint was the chef that night at least. I enjoyed it more than the Stillpoint sushi, but that may have been because of my menu choices.

I stand corrected. I've been to the Sakana four times and have not yet seen Yoshi. He seems like a real nice guy.


had sushi at a great joint in Bremerton, WA, another place in Seattle, several places in Tokyo, Kyoto and Yokusuka...and then of course Fuji Ya in Mpls...great stuff...

is it even possible to find good sushi in Superior? I'm not gonna say I'll go out of my way to try it but if the opp presents itself...a big fat maybe...

Then again, whodathunk you could find a good Rogan Josh in Duluth?

I want to know more about this "Mexican guy." (aka Yoshi?)

I've been to Sakana a few times and have met Yoshi, who's a student at UWS--and Japanese, not Mexican. I've had sushi all over the world, including the most amazing sushi ever at the Tokyo Fish Market. This place is what it is, I think the sushi is good enough, considering it's the only place for miles around that makes the stuff. It is a bit pricey, but it's better than nothing. I actually like it better than Stillpoint. But the sake is rot gut.

Yoshi is not the 'mexican guy'. That is someone else. Yoshi was working with some guy from mpls when stillpointe was still open. He is of course, japanese.

sorry to make that mixup.

everyone know the best raw fish is in my hood. yoshika's.

What/where is this Stillpointe that everyone is referring to???

It was a teahouse on Tower Avenue in Superior that used to serve sushi. It's been closed for about a year.

I've been to Suck-ana once, and as the name might suggest, it sucked.

The service was slow, the "chef" even slower and the atmosphere, well...what atmosphere?

On top of that, they don't even take credit cards. Um, hello...the 21st century called, and they would like you to come on over.

Don't waste your time or your money.

If you're craving sushi that badly, instead invest in one of the ever-prolific sushi cookbooks that's always on the B&N clearance rack, get some Nori, and the rest of the necessary sushi hardware and go for it. It's not that hard, once you get the hang of it and you'll have a lot more fun too.


Oh, who am I kidding - my O ain't all that H.

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