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St. Paddy's Grub

This is my first St. Patrick's day back in the Twin Ports. I've been grossly disappointed in other towns to find a severe lack of corned beef, cabbage and potatoes served up in a form different than a reuben with fries. So, I'm sending out a plea/census: what establishments dish up a mean, traditional Irish dinner?
Similarly, what locations will have trad bands?
Help me celebrate St.Patrick's right my first year back!


I have a question for those in the know:

Is the irish pub across from Hacienda opening friday?

How about the one that is where the old snyders was downtown(Duhb Linn)?

Porters, the stuffy old folks hangout in the Holiday Center, actually has a trad. Irish dinner on St. P's day that is pretty tasty.

I've eaten Irish Stew at RT's on St. Patrick's Day, but that is a) maybe not that traditional and b) highly detrimental to your health -- especially when washed down with green beer.

I peaked in Carmody's today after work and it sure doesn't look done. They might open but it will be a work in progress I think.

There will be an Irish themed dinner at the Chester Creek Cafe Friday night, including corned beef and cabbage as well as some New Irish (featuring lamb and salmon as well as a vegeterian dish or two) and plenty of colcannon.

I had a good boiled dinner at Gallagher's a few years ago, before they moved to their new location at Stebner/Hwy. 53. Nothing alcoholic on the menu there, though.

I could go for the traditional Irish seven-course meal: a six pack of Guinness and a potoato.

Lake Avenue Cafe is serving a wonderful corned beef boiled dinner .

Carmody (the irish pub across from the hacienda del sol) will be opening up this saturday. April 8th

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