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Sexual favors

Why the hell do they call them 'sexual favors?' Would you ever walk up to someone and ask, "Excuse me, but would you do me a sexual favor?" You might as well drop the last three words and just ask, "Excuse me, but would you do me?"

And would you ever accept a sexual favor from Flavor Flav? I'd like to go up to him someday and ask, "What's your favorite flavor, Flavor Flav?" Say that 5 times fast! Now do it in a Groucho Marx voice. Now stop.

Flav 426x104.bmp


Oh how I chortle!


I believe the correct answer is "Any sexual fava is Flava Flav's fave..."

say THAT 5 times fast!

get up and ge get down, 911 is a joke in your town.

Took, wook, jook, fook--you can put that in your don't-know-what-you-said-book.

sweet lord. flavor flav is foul and out of control. though i will admit that i admire his lifestyle as portrayed on tv: smokin' pot, drinkin' booze in a limo while hot girls to whom he's given suggestive nicknames do his bidding.

i was just thinking the other day, maria's is alot like flava flav.

and the answer is yes, i would walk up to someone and ask "excuse me but would you do me a sexual favor?" so i'm waiting....

Also, a "favor" implies that only one person benefits from the deal. I hope that usually isn't the case.

And, for example, newspapers always state things like, "The Mayor of Superior paid a prostitute in exchange for sexual favors."

I have two problems with this: 1) I haven't been elected Mayor yet so get your facts straight, and 2) If you have to pay for a favor, it really isn't a favor, now is it?!

Is it tax deductable, then?

Berv, you crack me up. Why isn't Pat Kelly responding to this post.

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