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Sasquach in Ely

According to the author:

I was on highway 169 in Ely, Northern Minnesota. The date was January 26th, 2006. The time that it happened was around 4:30 a.m.

As I was driving down the road I heard screams comming from the woods. It can be compared to an owl type hooting/cry. This caused me to slow down & to see what it was. I was driving about 5 miles an hour or less when in front of my headlights walked this creature which was on 2 legs. When it moved across my headlights it was limping and also walked in a gyrating type manner. Its body was covered in brownish fur and around its face area was black. It looked at me through my windshield then made its way over to the left side of the road, where it stood watching me. I grabbed my camera & turned on the 'nightvision' setting & started to film. As I filmed its back was turned to me & it did something near the pine tree & then limped up the hill into the woods. I am angry because I could only see what showed with my headlights as it was hard to make out details. This thing was large in mass & my guess it was probably stood around 6 feet high. It seemed to me that this creature was very weak or sickly based on its movement & noises that it made.

Alot of people agree that this Sasquatch is actually picking up a 'baby bigfoot' before trudging up the hill.

Watch the video.

[via Coast to Coast AM]


You know, I was going to post about this yesterday, but, since I don't keep very good tabs on things, I didn't know if it'd already been posted.

My opinion: bad Chewbacca costume.
Nothing in nature has hair like that, and the "pelt" didn't really seem to move with body very well.

Wait a goll dang minute. How could this guy have heard the original screams coming from the woods? Was he driving at 10mph down a main trunk highway without any music or radio playing and with his windows rolled down? This is difficult to believe.

Mr. Dude, I've seen Bigfoot (tracks) and that, sir, is no Bigfoot.

I saw this on a cryptozoology site yesterday. The basic consensus was "guy in a suit". Unfortunatly, I can't find the site right now.
The kicker for me was why the guy didn't take close-up shots of the footprints after the bigfoot left the area.

Oh - here's the site (was linked to from Coast to Coast): Crytomundo

I should have known that PDDers would know about something this geeky BEFORE it ran on Coast to Coast AM.

that was me. i'd spit on some girls & i was trying to get away from their boyfriends.

Somewhat related, here's a link - somebody removed the "shake" from the original bigfoot movie.


Looks like a guy in an ape suit to me...

wow, that footage is way cool. kudos to whoever did that.

i mean the "shake removed" animation. not the crappy guy in a dog suit found in ely.

the ely thing is probably slim goodbuzz out on a bender.

Blobsquatch strikes again.

HAHAHAHAH -- You Tourists are so gullable. That is Torfin Gunderson, who you awoke from a perfctly peaceful nap in the ditch after the Steak House Buck Tapper night. Christ people, we've all needed a little nap now and then. Leave us alone!

Yeah... I'm not buying it.

Maybe it's just some fury northwoods hermit who's gone cabin crazy?

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