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proof at last!

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found at the two harbors culvers by my sweetheart's co-worker.


WTF are custard butter burgers anyway?

Is it like some freak jelly roll only with meat filled with custard. Man that is so nasty.

You mean, like a hamburger-gravy long-john?

*vomits a little*


almost makes me wanna be a vegetarian.

Butter burgers and custard are two separate things-- you eat a butter burger first, then have custard for desert.

Culvers is good. And apparently there cuisine inspires people to write the truth.

...which is why you don't see too many Culver's franchises in Minnesota (it's a Wisconsin thing, you just wouldn't get it). While the "butter burger" sounds very decadent (a hamburger deep-fried in butter?) it is simply a hamburger served on a bun that has been buttered and seared on a flattop griddle. Quite delicious, but not as over-the-top, heartstoppingly, high fat as it sounds at first blush. The custard is not a doughnut filling nor is it a sweet egg and milk concoction that has been baked slowly in a water bath. It is a sweet egg and milk concoction that has been frozen and pumped out of a soft serve ice cream machine. Also quite good, but everyone knows that Culver's frozen custard is quite tame on the rich eggy-goodness scale. For a real frozen custard treat, try Gilley's or Leon's in Milwaukee or Ted Drewe's in St. Louis. If anyone else knows about any other great custard joints in this great land of ours (or any other, for that matter, except Switzerland, I hate the Swiss) I would be happy to know about it. And to all you Madison-based expats, don't try to tell me about Michael's, it's not on the same level. Better than Culver's but it's no Leon's.

drifter, it is dessert. Unless you want to bite into the burger and lick out the frozen custard and save it for when you are traveling across a desert. I guess that would be okay too.

I like to crack the cookie open and eat the creamy middle.

Culvers good.

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