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More Shirts.

Don't you want one?

Hey you crazy kids. I have gone and made up another batch of PDD shirts. This time on swanky American Apparel T-shirts, which are made in LA by people earning a living wage with health care and all that. Plus, the owner of the company likes to jack off in front of pretty girls so you may want to consider washing your new shirt first.

Barrett Chase and I should have some kind of store up soon but in the meantime you could pop into Bullseye Silkscreen-32 E Superior St. and buy yourself one all in person like. I have small through xl available. 15 bucks

PDD Shirts are so F'ing cool!


I want a shirt that reads "You want Duluth?" on the front and "You can't handle Duluth!!" on the back.

will these shirts give me superpowers?

I just bought one and Yes, it did give me super powers. I now have a super wit. I can make puns faster than anyone, but now everyone hates me.


Now they all call me a Punographer.

(insert sarcastic and childish masturbation-related remark here)

One of my co-workers bought 10 of them. The world (or at least this website) needs more people like this.

The "You can't handle Duluth" T-shirt sounds like a great idea.

I really want one of these shirts, but considering that my tshirt drawer is already overflowing, and I'm trying to be "good" when it comes to my budget, I don't think I can talk myself into buying one. :(

is it possible to get one in the future for a really small human being...like my daughter?

she's not due for another month or so, but tamara and I were giggling about putting The Kid in a PDD onesie...


perhaps you can just give starfire a onesie and have him print the logo on it.

However, the logo may be a bit big for a onsie. (of which I accidentally once referred to as a One-ee, oops)

I wonder if they're hiring out at American Apparel?

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