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Japan bans synth!

Japan passed a law making the sale of vintage electronics illegal, including synthesizers (beautiful 80's synthesizers!). So what are the disobedient music geeks do? Hold a vintage electronics march! Sweeeet!


The article is interesting, but it's the photo that really sold me. :D

Excellent-- I've got two Junos in my basement, and now that they are illegal they probably doubled in value.

It's weird that Japan made this law, considering the growing industry in recycled (cleaned up second-hand) items they have.

They'll just have to send all their old gear to the US. I know a couple guys who could take it off their hands...

I wonder what awesome demo song that guy is dancing to - dogs barking "Jingle Bells", or maybe that weird German folk song that mine played?

let's do our own march in support..maybe they'll send us some casio vl-tones

Outlaw musicians rule!

Midi Mothra Madness!

long live the spirit of this guy.

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