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How Long Have You Been In Love?

Sometime near the end of this week I am going to get all the remained copies of this CD. I will be trying to sell them cheap to raise money to go into a fund to promote local shows. $5 for those that performed on the CD $6 for everyone else.

When I get them I'll throw a link up to samples from the CD in case you haven't heard it.

Awhile back there was some talk about how the Duluth music scene has waned a bit, I harbor no illusions I can make it anything like it may have once been, but I do have the desire to do my small part to make it at least nominally better.

At some other point I may ask youse guys for additional ideas.

for those who may not be familuar with the CD, it was a benifit for the now defunct MAC that ANdy S. and I pulled togeather. It featured (mostly) local bands/people doing covers of songs they fell in love with when they where younger.

The line up was:

Trampled By Turtles
Amy Abts
Jerree Small / Scott Starfire Lunt
Cheerup Poems
Little Black Books
Paul Lundgren
Bill Flannagan
Look Down Moon
Ol' Yeller
Mavis Farr
Virgin Marcus
Dirty Knobs

Admittadly I am not unbiased, but I think it was a very good album...


Alert! Alert!

"...not unbiased" = Double Negative

Your are hereby sentenced!

"Your are"? GP, "Your are" an ass.

Edge, I'm glad the CD is “not unavailable”; I'll be in touch.

The Cheerup Poems song on this album is probably one of my all-time Twin Ports favorites. It's worth $6 alone.

Grammar police: You should consider descriptive linguistics as opposed to prescriptive linguistics. Descriptive linguistics is concerned with how people actually speak, rather than a set of prescriptive rules designed (futilely) to keep a living language from changing.

I don't entirely dislike double negatives, so there.

It would be nice to get a local music place open again, whether it's something like the MAC or the NorShor or something else.

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