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Homegrown: Only 40 (?) Days Away


This is Hotrod Heartthrob, standing next to the lead singer of TOTO, shortly after Hotrod sang "Rosanna" with the band. It may not be the TOTO, as their Web site says they're playing SCHEIDEGG CH tonight. Wherever that is, it's not close to the Forest Lake bar where Hotrod accidentally encountered TOTO. (And yeah, the singer guy -- whatever his name is -- said Hotrod had a better falsetto than him.)

Basically, this post is a reminder that the Homegrown Music Festival exists primarily as a showcase for Bone Appetit. From winning the event to headlining it to saving it (as they did last year, when they filled in for a missing band), Bone Appetit dominates the Duluth music scene, even when they live in the cities and play only sporadically.

Low, assorted bands with the word "Black" in your name, fake punk "grrrl" bands, Northeastern Minnesota rappers: Bow before the alter of Bone Appetit


the homoeroticism is what keeps me coming back. viva la bone!

Don't you mean "Viva la boner"?

Considering my girlfriend took the picture, i dont think homoeroticism is a proper tag for our band, but a compliment is a compliment.

Gauntlet, run!

Fake punk grrrl bands?

Are we gonna do beer bongs and then go to the nudie bar and then eat Anchor burgers and all the while hang out with Rob Welty? Cuz that's my new favorite part of Homegrown.

Mmmm, anchor burgers.

I don't know, Barrett; maybe if you're lucky you can come on a field trip.

But definitely yes on the beer bongs.

Yes Barrett. Me, you, and Cork definitely need our own reality show this time around.... and maybe that pussy Lundgren too.

one more crack about the grrls and I'll tell everybody at church what hotrod really does on saturday nites....

I have to repeat, Bone Appetit sucks!!!

Prediction: Centerfold's will play host to one, if not two, Least Valuable Player recipiants on Saturday afternoon at Homegrown this year.

The only alter to which the Jones Clique bows is that of Charlie Parr.
You wankster rockists best drive away, because I do whatever I want to, and if you're gonna fuck with me, yeah, you know the rest.


Greg "Cougar" Conley AND Brad nelson are gonna be at Centerfolds on Saturday???

Conley is afraid of the dark, so I'm guessing not. But maybe Burly Burlesque. We need someone that's just a little outside of the box to make the evening complete.

Wait, what am I thinking -- Burly is out. Charlie Parr is in, and in a big way.

We either need someone to break this fortuitous news to him, or we need everyone to aid and abet us as we trick him into coming with us.

I hear they're giving away free banjos.

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