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Help protect Wild Rice at the Caucuses

In support of the legislation to prevent the genetic modification of wild rice, we forward this for the consideration of the community.- Gonzo Bros

Thank you for your continued support of the Wild Rice Campaign.
As you know, we introduced legislation in 2005 to Ban the Introduction
of Genetically Engineered Wild Rice in the State of Minnesota. We are
gearing up for the the Introduction of Legislation again this year,
that would put a 4 year Moratorium on the Introduction of GE wild rice,
combined with a comprehensive study that would look at the Economic,
Environmental, and Cultural impacts of GE wild rice.

As we're working to build support for this legislation, we need help
from our friends throughout the state. The primary way you can help,
is by attending your local caucus, for whatever party you belong to.
Caucuses are being held throughout the state on Tuesday March 7th, at
7:00pm. You can find the location of your local caucus by searching on
your political party homepage.

We are asking people to introduce a resolution at their local caucus,
supporting the protection of wild rice in our state. This is a small
step that will go a long way in helping us build Statewide support for
our issue. I have an organizing packet that includes the resolution,
fact sheet, and other helpful information for introducing a resolution.
This is a great way to make your representatives and your political
party work for you, making democracy work.

If you are already attending a caucus, or would like to attend the
caucus to introduce wild rice legislation, please e-mail me at
[email protected], and I will send you the organizing packet via
e-mail. Look forward to hearing from you, and Miigwech for your

P.S. Please spread the word far and wide, posting this e-mail on
listservs, or groups that you may belong to, we need as many people as
possible to help us at the grassroots level.

Sarah Alexander
Wild Rice Campaign Coordinator Director
White Earth Land Recovery Project
32033 E. Round Lake Rd.
Ponsford MN 56575
[email protected]


i'm about to head to my caucus and if there aren't any goddammed bloggers there to vote on my resolutions i'm going to throw castiron rabbits at all y'all's heads.

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