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Go Army!




that's funny. how long did they stay up?

Until the sign hanger was shot...

that seems so sad were it not for the glorious sacrifice he made for his country (or her).

Hey, I made those patches. Neat-o. Take that dude I (used to) work with who loves Bush! Ha!

sounds like freeway blogging is spreading...check 'em out...


this kinds atuff has been going on out west for the most part for the last few years...awesome stuff...

you bunch of candy @sses. try sitting out in the desert with people shooting at you whether you agree or disagree with the war and then see how you feel how "funny" stuff like this

i think you missed the point. it's funny because you are sitting in the desert with people shooting at you under false pretense. read: you shouldn't be in the desert being shot at. and neither should i.
i can only speak for myself, but i love our military. i love our soldiers so much that i don't want them to die unnecessarily because their leaders are greedy, ignorant of history and world culture, and lack any foresight whatsoever.


Since you brought it up...I HAVE been over there. Three times in fact. Granted it was a little over ten years ago, and it was Dubya's Daddy's Gulf War...

I was watching tomahawk missiles leaving the deck of both the cruiser I was on the first trip I made over there, as well as the deck canisters of the U.S.S. Missouri in the opening days of that conflict. I watched bomber after bomber leave the deck of the aircraft carrier I was on fully loaded and return empty...

I pored over BDA reconnaisance photo after BDA reconnaisance photo showing burnt out buildings, tanks, vehicles and bodies...some military, but a lot of civilian.

have YOU done your part? I've been to war, kid. That's why I can justify my opinion of this fucked up money pit.

i would just like to say that as of today, 3/24/06 at 3:15pm, the Army Reserve has not disputed the veracity of these signs, and they have been up for five and one half days without being molested.

i have received the following communiqué from what i can only assume to be the artists of these signs:



People's League Opposing Pernicious Pro-war Propaganda.

"My country, right or wrong" is a thing no patriot would ever think of saying
except in a desperate case. It is like saying "My mother, drunk or sober."
-GK Chesterton

If a nation's foreign policy cannot stand on its own merits, it should be left to
fall on its face.

P.L.O.P.P.P. liberates Duluth Army Reserve propaganda -

Pentagon public relations clap-trap was put in its place today as
P.L.O.P.P.P. amended two banners at the Army Reserve on Minnesota
Point (see enclosed photos).

P.L.O.P.P.’s banner liberation was timed to coincide with the third
anniversary of the profit-driven and propaganda-induced invasion of

With plummeting public support for the war and occupation, the
President and allied parties have kicked up their campaign of
distortions and outrageous lies about the motivation for and progress
of the war.

At the same time, the Pentagon PR machine has done its part by
promulgating emotionally-charged slogans to promote patriotic fervor
among troops and the general populace.

PR-manufactured Army Reserve banners proudly proclaim that they are
"at war for a nation at war." But this platitude is nothing but empty
pap. Cheerleading is better suited for high school football games than
a real war in which real people die.

This propaganda is trying to hide the awful truth that Reservists are
being exploited to advance the imperial pipe-dreams of Dick Cheney and
his pals at the Project for the New American Century_ not to mention
lining the pockets of economic vampires like Halliburton, Bechtel,
Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Exxon, ad nauseum.

Army Reserve PR would also rather we forget that all people on the
planet - including US soldiers - have the moral and legal duty to
refuse illegal and unjust orders.

Government-sponsored war propaganda has no place in a free, democratic
society. P.L.O.P.P.P. felt compelled to take corrective action against
these banners in order to more honestly reflect the reality of US

P.L.O.P.P.P. cannot alone confront the slick marketing campaigns of
the Pentagon, the White House and big industries with stakes in a
military economy. Therefore, P.L.O.P.P.P. calls on all people to take
up the pen, paintbrush, glue stick and wheat paste and apply creative
resistance to pro-war propaganda, wherever it is found.

They're seriously still up???

as of yesterday, yes. they spent an entire work week completely oblivious. or maybe the staff who've spotted it just secretly agree.

Wow. Now I really feel secure. Apparently their radar doesn't pick up sarcasm.

Radar? That was shipped over to the desert long ago. Now they just have some guy in a tower going "blip.... blip...."

before this photo slides off the front page, i'd like to add another update: looks like the Army Reserve likes their new mottos--they're still up as of 3/28.

That's crazy! I may have to take a look. Where are they located?

park point. take a right at 15th St. (there's a big sign that says "Army Reserve") the banners are beneath the sign by their parking lot and on the chain link fence.

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