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Wanna Play?

I started learning Go at The Last Exit in Seattle about a decade ago from an old hippie named Tripper John, but haven't bothered with it since I moved out here.
I'm not that good. i suck at it, actually, but I've been learning. I lose a lot. That doesn't discourage me from playing at all because every game I lose teaches me more about it.

If anyone wants to play with the little group we've put together...we're usually at the Brewhouse every Wednesday at about 6:30...Usually upstairs, usually with a pint and a Go board in front of us. All experience levels are welcome to join us.


Remember "Othello"?

I could go for some Go sometime.

I used to play Go, but I stopped because it was practically impossible to find anyone else who knew or wanted to learn the game. Maybe I'll drop by some night.

They used to have a huge Go board at Amazing Grace. Is it still there?

Someone probably ate all the pieces.

I've got a book about Go, but I've hardly cracked it open. Maybe I'll skim through it and drop by sometime. (I hardly know anything about it, other than the pieces go on the intersections and not in the squares.)

I love Go! -- I hope to see you there.

What is with this "Creepy Japanese Stuff" catagory? How is this game creepy? If you enjoy playing it, does that make you a creep? And why isn't there a catagory for Creepy Russian or English or American stuff?

jon = andy rooney.

There's a category for Creepy Japanese Things because there are so many Creepy Japanese Things to share.

But Go is from China, and it isn't creepy at all.

Go...invented in China...perfected (or at least brought to popularity) in Japan.

we'll be playing again next wed....playing with more people is always fun. I wanna lose to someone else other than Paul.

I'll definitely be there some Wednesday night. I'd like to properly learn Go. I've played a couple times.

They still have the board at Amazing Grace. The pieces are not in great shape, but they are usuable.

Why am I not suprised that you Eurocentric numbnuts would completely miss the point of my observation?

You already have a "weird stuff" catagory, so why not a catagory for "creepy stuff"? Or are you only interested in pointing out the aspects of Japanese culture that you find aestetically displeasing?

there's always one in the crowd, aint there?

Post a bunch of English creepy stuff and ask for a catagory... I mean what is UP with that scabies/no-see-ums catagory, it's like we hate horseflies or something...

Is it just me, or is Jon making a horribly lame attempt at being lame and condescending?

Go be annoying someplace else. Like the Duluth Citizen's Blog. they'd love you there.

Hey, I was wondering if this is still going on. I'm now free on Wednesday evenings.

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