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Geeky Bling

I'm not one for spending thousands of dollars on my vehicle to make it look or sound the best (I drive a Kia with a factory radio - clearly that is not the case). However, seeing these makes me drool with geeky lust.
Ok, at first, you see rims with LEDs that create designs using persistence of vision. Neat, but it's been done before.
But what makes these wheel rims so sweet, is that they have wireless modems in them, so you can use a laptop to change the images and create new images while driving! Be sure to check out the video!
Can something be "pimping" and "geeky" at the same time?


I love playing with my laptop while driving. :D

Well, my Toyota is definitely lacking that air of ghetto we all strive for...

Wow! And such a bargain at just $12.5K! Where do I sign?

you can make a set for your bike for under a hundred bucks...


HOLY CRAP! Those PacMan ones are boss!!! That's much cooler/geekier than the other ones!

Very nice

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