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Geeks gone medieval?

Duluth has many "eccentric" geeks, but I'm looking for some Medieval geeks!
Anyone out there interested in acting, medieval/renaissance history, or just have a fancy for bodices and/or codpieces?
If so, the Olde World Renaissance Faire (in Twig) could really use you!

Selfishly, I would love if people wanted to show up to be "Village Characters" (of which I am in charge of), but if you're not interested in that, there's plenty of other opportunities (ticket takers, children's games, costuming, construction, etc).

So, if you're interested, feel free to show up at an open meeting (the next one being this Saturday). Directions to the Caribou Lake School are below.

If you're interested in being a Village Character, but can't make any of the meetings, there may be alternate meeting times in Duluth for Village Characters. Contact me for more info: mkengstrom(at)gmail(dot)com.

Otherwise, consider coming to the faire on June 10th & 11th, or passing this info on to others you know who may be interested. :)

OWRF Open Meetings:
March 11th 2006, 1pm to 4pm
April 8th 2006, 1pm to 4pm
May 6th 2006, 1pm to 4pm


Caribou Lake Elementary School
6279 Industrial Road (about 15 minutes from Duluth)

The directions for Caribou Lake Elementary are: Take Hwy 53 up to Twig. Take a right at the intersection onto Industrial Road #885 past the Twig Store. Go for approx. 1 mile until you come to a four way stop (land mark: you will cross railroad tracks before coming to the 4way ). Proceed straight about 1/2 block to Caribou Lake Elementary
which will be on your left.


I've always wanted to be "Friar Lawrence." Perhaps I should bone up on my medieval liturgy and latin and get a habit.

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