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Geekprom Band

(The only band that could top this geekiness is They Might Be Giants.)
Ladies and Gentlemen. Allow me to introduce you to Leslie Hall and the LY's. This is a real bonafide group and an internet sensation. They may be perhaps the greatest Geekprom musical contender to ever walk the face of our mostly harmless planet. They have an actual album and occasionally tour.

I expect to see them headlining next year's Geekprom.

Hear some of their songs here. I recommend Zombie Killer. I mean come on, ZOMBIE KILLER! A ballad about zombies? I challenge you to find a greater song for the Geek Prom King and Queen to dance to.


well, that's a song that wouldn't play real well in Seattle right now, would it?

zombie killer wouldn't play well in seattle? why?

For my money, no geek band can ever beat Polysics.

They are rivaled closely by Goldie Lookin' Chain from Wales... you may remember them from their biggest hit "your mother has a penis", followed by, "Guns don't kill people, rappers do". bless...
Visit their charming website


Isn't she the sweater lady?

Maybe they can clean up First Street.


She is totally the glitter sweater lady.

because some guy who went to a Zombie rave took an arsenal to an after-party and blew away six "zombies," including two teenage girls.

don't you read the news? try googlenews. search "zombie killer."

mary...I beg to differ...she's the Kitty Puffy Paint AND Glitter Sweater Lady.

I stand corrected. ;+)

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