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Geek Transportation Poll

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As some of you bloggers, cloggers and corn-doggers probably already know, this year’s Geek Prom will be at the Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul on Saturday, April 22.

The prom committee is trying to figure out if our hometown geeks in the Duluth area need any help with transportation. The obvious thing to do is charter a bus, but it would be expensive and we don’t know if people want to ride back the same night or stay in a hotel and ride back the next morning.

So we’ve brainstormed a few options, and submit to you this poll to help us make a decision.

A) I want to ride a bus to Geek Prom and don’t care how much it costs.

B) I want to ride a bus to Geek Prom and won’t pay more than ten bucks.

C) I think there should be a convoy starting at Thompson Hill where people can jump into cars and rideshare.

D) I just want to drive down and not be involved in any organized mass transportation efforts.

E) I’m not even a geek and have no intention of going to this event. Furthermore, I think Geek Prom is stupid and this blog post is too long. I’m so irritated that I bothered to read this that I feel the need to lash out in some way rather than just ignore it.

Thank you for your help. Live long and prosper.



Could we also chip in for a keg on the bus?

Could you also send a parent waiver? My mom gets scared when I am out past 9pm.

Perhaps we can have a reduced rate for tickets if we are from duluth!!!

A - A bus sounds like fun (I second the vote for booze), and I'd be willing to kick in a little more than $10.


As far as staying over goes, I'm not in favor of it at all. When you add up the price of the bus, your ticket, drinks, meals, your outfit, and a hotel, you quickly end up spending $200+ on Geek Prom.

Also if you stay with friends instead of at a hotel, you have to arrange transportation from the Prom to their house, and then from their house to the bus, which may or may not be a problem depending how accommodating and responsible your friends are.

Suckers! You're all suckers! Once I found out Geek Prom was going to be in the Cities, I quickly packed my bags and moved down here. I'm already setting up my tent outside of the Science Museum to be the first to get tickets. How geeky is that? And you guys only voted me runner up! Finally, Sherman has his revenge on the Geek Prom. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!

After-party at Sherman's house.

i will be leaving for maui on the 24th so i won't make it. but i'll be packing my geeky golf clothes so my heart is in it.

Real geeks use biodiesel (in their geek buses).

So...why is the Geek Prom in the cities this year?

And how much are the tix going to be?

possibly lots of geeks will be at David Sedaris in duluth that night.

David Sedaris is on Friday night, April 21, the night before Geek Prom. It is a perfect warmup event.

The prom is in the Twin Cities this year because the Science Museum is just about the nerdiest venue around and most of the nerds I talked to were ready for a change.

Tickets will be $25 for the prom, which also gets you into the entire museum. If you want to attend an Omnitheater movie that night, tickets are $35. If you want to also have dinner there, it'll be $45.

Tickets aren't on sale yet, but they will be pretty soon.

Dr. Demento would be the ULTIMATE Geek Prom DJ!

Can I get discounted/free tix for knowing The Man?

I too moved down here long ago when rumors started flying. I have a pool though - do geeks float?

(A * B) + E

my vote, as Geek Prom Queen 2003, is B or C.

Also, since I'm a judge, do I have to buy a ticket?

Also, I have a terrible cold right now, and can barely ...

As runner up for many years running for Geek King, I won't be attending Geek Prom this year. The Cities are too far away for a Saturday night event when I have to work on Sunday mornings. Have fun all.

I'm sure you could try to get a ride with someone else who is trying to do an early turn-around?

Bummer. I was always proud that something so unique was a Duluth thing. To me it spoke to the nature of people who live here. Moving it to the cities kind of ruins it for me.

wah wah wah

Are you going to ship geeks here from the cities to make up for the geek drain from Duluth? It seems only fair. Balance must be maintained.

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